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Ensign Nymes on USS Dennison Bridge

Lewis Nymes[edit]

Lewis Nymes (previously Lewis Gemill) is a Joined Trill serving as CMO with the rank of Lieutenant, junior grade on the USS Mithrandir.

Early Life[edit]

Lewis Nymes is a joined Trill. A young doctor, he found his calling in Starfleet at the urging of his parents and sisters after the forced joining ceremony after a shuttle accident that took the life of his younger sister. As a child, he spent his years travelling around the Federation with this parents, Priscilla and Koren Gemill, and sisters Sellie, Olixia, and Parazia. His parents were both doctors, and offered there services at the various triage centers set up on Federation planets.

After a serious shuttle accident on Trill, only the process of joining would save Lewis' life, and he was joined with the Nymes symbionte at the early age of 17, and was closely monitored psychiatrically in case of adverse effects. Once he was allowed to leave, he continued his medical training at Medica Universitas on Trill, graduating early thanks to the knowledge his symbionte gave him. Following the completion of his training, he served in various hospitals with a view to a life in Accident and Emergency medicine.

During 2405, the Gemills found themselves heading to Earth to meet up with Parazia, who was due to complete her Starfleet Training as a Fighter Pilot. Lewis was due to meet them there for the family's celebration. Sadly, Tradegy struck as the Breen incursion occurred, forcing the scrambling of the Cadet Fighter Unit, an infamous order as only 2 cadets survived the battle. Sadly for Nymes, his sister wasn't among the two.

Starfleet and Assignments[edit]

Starfleet Academy[edit]

Nymes battled with his sense of duty after the tragic loss of his sibling and joined Starfleet Medical the day of his sister's funeral, with his previous hosts' memories allowing him to fast track most of the training.

Starfleet Medical
Starfleet Academy

He was required to undertake a conversion course in order to practice medicine in the wider Federation, and following the exam results he was sent to the Academy to take General training as a Cadet, arriving at Starfleet Academy (San Fransisco) and being placed under the tutalage of Lt.Standorval Thrall, who put the cadet through his paces with simulations of massive casualties and sleep-deprivation, and general chain of command and tactical excercises. Nymes passed the course, and graduated the Academy at the age of 25.
Nymes wasn't the most social cadet at the Academy, with the medical cadets being separated from the other specialities for the initial training, and the upsets in his private life (the loss of his sister, and the early joining) meant that he was a bit of a loner. His closest friends at the academy were James Hudson, an engineer and Jayne Matyn, a Bajoran doctor who went on the same conversion course. Out of class, Nymes was a member of the Academy's medical fencing team, which regularly competed against the other teams; he also dabbled in games of chess, his experienced host memory allowing him to succeed. Nymes was also a member of "The Wandering Minstrels" - a campus Jazz band with Hudson and Ensign Elenor Night.

Upon graduation, he was assigned to the USS Dennison, arriving on stardate 2407.01.19 on the new Shuttle, Topaz Class Shuttlecraft.

Serving on the USS Dennison[edit]

  • Stardate 2407.01.19-2408.02.21

Ensign Lewis Nymes started his first tour of duty as Assistant CMO on the Indefatiguable Class USS Dennison, serving under Captain Madison Davis. His initial CMO was Admirial Gr'iann. Also serving in the medical staff is Petty Officer Dylan Hedges, a member of the Night shift. He was promoted to Lieutenant, junior grade and CMO on Stardate 2407.02.14 by the Captain, and was since demoted to Ensign, sg. After the end of the civial war, Nymes was stationed on Starbase Geneva for a time, working in the Station Sickbay, where he assisted with surgical lists and general hospital medicine as and when required. After repairs were completed, after the events that led to the utter destruction of Main Sickbay, Nymes salvaged a soot-stained and battle-scarred pane of frosted glass that had once been part of the CMO's office door, a memento of the old sickbay. Dr Nymes was once again named CMO of the Dennison before its destruction under Captain Archibald Stakes. Whilst awaiting transfer, Dr Nymes served in Starbase Geneva's Sickbay.

USS Dennison

Serving on Starbase Geneva[edit]

  • 2408.01.11-2408.02.21

Post-war life led to the Dennison Crew being given extended shore leave whilst repairs were undertaken. Nymes was posted to Geneva Sickbay, working alongside the doctors of the starbase. When the Dennison was relaunched, Nymes accompanied the new Captain, Archibald Stakes. The mission to Maltoria ended with the SFI-induced destruction of the Dennison. thus, Nymes was once again assigned to Geneva for debrief, and passed the time with limited shifts in Geneva's sickbay once more. While at the starbase - during Esme Stakes birthday party - he met Dr Hazel Jones, a lieutenant at Geneva's Sickbay, who seems to have taken a liking to the trill - or at least his music. On the 21st February 2408, Nymes was reassigned to CMO USS Mithrandir.

Serving on the USS Mithrandir[edit]

  • Stardate 2408.02.21-present

USS Mithrandir

It was only a matter of time before the fleet decided to reassign the members of the Dennison, and on 2408.02.21 Ensign Nymes was assigned to the USS Mithrandir as CMO. As a nova class ship, the medical department would be 6 personnel strong. On 2408.02.22, Lewis Nymes was promoted to Lieutenant JG once more.


Lewis Nymes (previously Lewis Gemill) is the son of Priscilla and Koren Gemill and has 2 surviving sisters; Sellie and Olixia. His youngest sister Parazia was killed in action during the Breen Incursion.

Following the Joining, Lewis has become increasingly distant from his family, and considers the previous hosts of the Nymes symbionte as close as family.

Nymes Symbionte Hosts[edit]

Hennrietta Nymes, USS Eskimo Bridge

Salvia (Nezla) - first host, diplomat to the Federation Council.

Dremo (Pria) - second host, aide to Trill First minister
"Whiskey" Ollie (Trammler) - Federation Intelligence Operative
Quinera (Trammler) - Doctor, eventually Cmdr in Starfleet
Hennrietta (Ulme) - Lt. (Pilot of USS Eskimo) Starfleet
Lewis (Gemill) - current

Nymes' Symbionte History[edit]

Dremo Nymes

The Nymes symbionte has existed for six lifetimes. Its first host, to Salvia Nezla, brought to the international, interplanetary stage early on, and since then the Nymes symbionte has been a spacefaring one, with every host being involved, in some way, with Starfleet.

Salvia, a shrewd diplomat, was assigned to the Federation's diplomatic corps when the Trill were accepted into the Federation, she was one of the first Trill to deal with the new found Federation's exploratory arm.

The Second host, Dremo, was a more introspective character, and spent as much time as possible on Trill, serving as the aide to the Trill First minister.

After Dremo, The Nymes symbionte became more adventurous, possibly due to Salvia and Dremo's personalities clashing in Ollie (Olsandar). A Starfleet Intelligence Operative, "Whiskey" Nymes was as cool as they come under fire, and was romantically involved with fellow Trill, Quinera Trammler, whom he married before his joining. Sadly, the marriage ended in tragedy, as Whiskey was killed on an away mission. Quinera, the CMO of the vessel he was transported to, was able to save the symbionte, and in the lack of any other viable and acceptable alternative, was forced to undergo joining with the Nymes Symbionte.

Quinera was followed by Hennrietta Ulme, a pilot in Starfleet (on the USS Eskimo), who reached the rank of Lieutenant before being fatally assaulted at a starbase on shore leave.

The Nymes symbionte was returned to trill for immediate joining, and was joined to Lewis Gemill.

A note about the Nymes Symbionte[edit]

After the temporal events during a mission relating to the SFI telescope, the Dennison's inactivity led to the destruction of a Nymes' timeline, producing an intriguing effect in the Trill. Whilst Lewis Nymes himself remembers all the details of his life, he is left with only one perspective on his former incarnations, his own reflections on the Nymes history - as if such a symbionte only existed in his mind. This is due to the non-intervention of the Dennison in saving Nymes' host's life. How the Timeline came to be preserved is unknown.

This represents the history of the Nymes Symbionte thus far



Nymes enjoys many hobbies, included amongst these are Fencing, Chess, Music