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Mars Base
Re-Opened 2444.06.01
Planetary Complex with Ship Yards
Incl Utopia Planitia & Mars Defence Perimeter
The Mars Base
Crew Roster
Command Staff
Admiral Remae Ktell, Commanding Officer
Operations Staff
Ensign JG, William Alexander Jr, Mission Ops
Chief Petty Officer, Charles Tamblyn, Ops Officer
Medical Staff
Ensign JG, Ailynn Bracken, Acting Assistant Chief Medical Officer
Ensign JG, Kasian Poldan, Medical Officer
Ensign JG, Quinna Solice, Medical Officer
Ensign JG, Dural Methor, Medical Officer
Counselling Staff
Ensign JG, Ariel Trei, Counsellor
Ensign JG, Erin Julia Cortes, Counsellor
Ensign JG, Alaya Ravenstone, Counsellor
Tactical & Security Staff
Ensign JG, Carson Peters, Acting Assistant Chief Security Officer
Ensign JG, Rebecca Flagg, Security Officer
Ensign JG, Garek Darpeg, Security Officer
Ensign JG, T'ay'ia sh'Mila'aa, Tactical Officer
Engineering Staff
Ensign JG, Keira Merek, Acting Assistant Chief Engineering Officer
Ensign JG, R'vek Kental, Engineering & Shipyard Officer
Ensign JG, Janey Brown, Engineering & Shipyard Officer
Ensign JG, Boone Foster, Engineering & Shipyard Officer
Ensign JG, Scott Matrix, Engineering & Shipyard Officer
Ensign JG, Vex'ahlia Jordaan, Engineering Officer
Science Staff
Ensign JG, Sekal, Acting Assistant Chief Science Officer (Research)
Ensign JG, Sienna Williams-Verin, Acting Assistant Chief Science Officer
Ensign JG, Jaton Alyl, Science & Research Officer
Flight Operations Staff
Ensign JG, Trip Williams, Acting Flight Operations Executive Officer
Ensign JG, Ire Williams, Flight Squadron Officer
Ensign JG, Ravok Shara, Flight Squadron Officer
Other StarFleet Staff
Ensign JG, Jaelle Foxglove, Intelligence Officer
Ensign JG, Eva Rozen, Intelligence Officer
Agent, Rebecca Faust, Intelligence Agent
Aleese Akess, Archivist
Santiago Torres, Barkeep
Kora Shara, Civilian Engineering Specialist
Ashlyn Jones, Civilian Liaison
You Can't Go Home Again
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The Mars Base houses thousands of Starfleet & Federation Personnel as well as many Civilians. It is what is left over from the original Utopia Planitia base and is the hub for the Sector 001 defence, holding control over the Mars Defence Perimeter & houses several fighter squadrons including the 1st Fighter Wing.

Fleet Update[edit]

Written by Jono Bradley

The Mars Base, Mars Defence Perimeter & Utopia Planitia Shipyards are currently being re-manned and re-opened. With a fresh wave of Ensigns and the Admiral to take control, they are gearing up to change the face of Starfleet forever.

Character's from the rebooted Star Trek: Freedom game have been incoporated into Play Cards for the [Star Trek Customizable Card Game] by Jono & Todd.


To be added

Duty Stations[edit]

Mars Base
Duty Station Name Duty Station Description
Operations Command and Control This is the command centre for all operations in the area. A starbase in orbit of Mars maintains the facilities for all administration all the Martian operations.
Medical Facilities The medical facilities are located on the surface of Mars, capable of treating large numbers of patients, including offices, personal quarters, counselling suites, medical research and training areas.
Science Facilities The science facilities are located on the surface of Mars, scientific research, experimentation, testing and training.
Tactical and Security Facilities The tactical and security facilities are spread out across upon all facilities of Mars. The surface facilities contain training areas
Engineering and Shipyards Engineering teams work on the shipyards, to either construct or repair ships. They also are responsible for the upkeep of all sections within Martian space.
Pilot Training Grounds Pilots protect the area, flying sorties around Mars and around Sector 001. The Pilot division compromise the new Mars Defence Perimeter.


Ships currently in use or being repaired at Mars:

USS Republic[edit]

The USS Republic is currently undergoing repairs & maintenance, Admiral Remae Ktell has chosen it as his flagship.

Once repaired it will be helmed by crew from the Mars Base when required for missions.

USS Mystique[edit]

The USS Mystique is currently undergoing repairs & maintenance, it has been inhabited by a sentient creature called Luma'Lenai and this is under investigation.

USS Hades[edit]

The USS Hades is currently being assessed as to whether it can be repaired or scrapped.


You Can't Go Home Again[edit]

Stardate 2444.06.01 - Ongoing. The newly assigned crew take their places on the Mars Base and look to see what they have to work with, whilst learning what they can about their fellow Starfleet colleagues and defending Sector 001 from incoming Breen pirates.

Mission Compiles can be found on the You Can't Go Home Again page.

Mission 2[edit]


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Ground Facilities: ATTU Center | Otono Medical Centre | Civilian Sector
Departments: Starfleet Command