MRD Lily Sloane

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MRD Lily Sloane
Launched 2413.04.15
The MSD Lily Sloane NCC-1602

Juggernaut Class
Mobile Repair Dock

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Ode of Remembrance

The Mobile Repair Dock is the latest idea from star fleet engineering. Learning from experience during the Federation Civil War is was found that Starfleet did not have enough repair facilities to accommodate with the huge amount of battle damage star ships that were needed to fixed to get them back in to the fight. Engineers working for Admiral LoDona started to think and design a mobile repair dock that could follow the battle fleets and perform repairs as the fleet advanced. This would reduce the time star ships were out of the battle due to their long transit time back to a dry dock facility. They began to build the repair dock but it was not completed before the end of the civil war. After the civil war the Albatross Organisation acquired the Lily Sloane and its engineers transported the skeletal structure of the repair dock to Mariner Ship Yards ships yards and began to put its mighty resources to work on its completion.

It is a large structure with a habitation area along the top with ten articulated arms five on each side with closes around the ship that needs to be repaired. It is able to fit any size of ship inside its structure any from a Meredith Class Dreadnought to a Talon Class Mission Scout. With power full tractor beams and docking clamps it immobilizes the star ship in side its protective embrace while its three massive impulse engines move it slowly though space while the repair work is performed. It is warp capable by a pair of retractable nacelles which are houses along the top of the habitation block.

The Lily Sloane was assigned as the HAZ-SUP Flotilla Mobile Command for the Rapid Response Mobile Emergency Deployment Unit. She is still primarily a repair facility but has increased her medical and science departments

With the disbandment of the 52nd fleet the ships of the HAZ-SUP Flotilla were returned to their original organisation which was the Albatross Organisation.

Sub Mission Log Data

These are the log data found from various sources during the different Serenity Mission which contain information about the Toto Civilisation