Maori Baynor

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Maori Baynor
Name: Maori Baynor
Rank: Professor
Awards: None

Stardate 2392.06.06

Gender: Male
Species: Angossian
Age: 43
Position: Federation Prisoner 1ZW587465
Ship: None
Status: Inactive:
"What are you going to do to me and my people? You know they’re only doing their jobs. Please, let them go without harming them."
— {{{2}}} ~Baynor to Captain Devan Sash.


While born after the Tarsian War, like all Angossians, Maori Baynor has had almost his entire life shaped by it. Grandson of the great Angossian Master Geneticist Doctor Zagnor Baynor, who was one of the top officials of the Angossian government and a lead researcher in the development of the Angossian Super-Soldiers.

After the war Zagnor, who lost his wife and both sons was left with only his daughter Velda. Velda later married an official in the Angossian government while Zagnor went on to become a high member of the government ministry.

Maori was born only a year before the soldier uprising on Lunar V, which would ultimately cause the death of both his mother and father and the near collapse of the Angossian government and society.

The Early Years:[edit]

Maori was raised by his grandfather after the deaths of his parents. It was a difficult time for the Baynor’s as with the change of the government and attitudes on Angossia, the Baynor’s now had an evil reputation. While Zagnor lived out the rest of his life in relative disgrace he had become a rich man and was able to provide an affluent life style for himself and his grandson. He was also able to fund his own continuing research and educate Maori.

So it was that the young Maori learned the art and science of genetic manipulation at the side of perhaps one of the greatest minds that has ever lived in that field.

Carrying on the Legacy:[edit]

After the death of Zagnor, Maori carried on his research in the hopes that he would able to return his grandfathers name and therefore his own into prominence on Angossia. Unfortunately he found that time had not healed old wounds and that more often than not he was met with hostility and even fear.

Despite this he was able to procure a low level post within the Angossian Science Ministry where he spent much of his time doing research on combining nanotechnology with genetic manipulation. Like his grandfather, Maori was more concerned about the science than he was about its possible affects or ramifications.

In the end a change in governmental priorities caused the termination of Baynor’s project leaving him without a position and deeply frustrated. Feeling that he needed to get free of politics and the continuing suspicion brought about by his name, Baynor left Angossia forever.

It’s All About the Science:[edit]

Baynor spent several years bouncing around from one world to another until a chance meeting with Federation officials placed him in direct contact with Admiral Rodrigo Doenitz. After several meetings the Admiral was impressed with Maori and from that point onward began a long and beneficial relationship for both men.

Baynor spent years moving from one black project to the next often not knowing the exact details of what or where his research was leading. If questioned on the subject he would often become angry and demand to be left alone. Baynor claimed often and loudly that he wanted nothing to do with politics. He often exclaimed that science was pure, it was the politics and narrow-mindedness of small men that brought about ills to the universe.

The Cait Super-Soldier Project:[edit]

Baynor spent two years on Cait working on one of Doenitz’ final projects of the war. With the tide rapidly turning against him Doenitz turned to his principle genetic researcher in order to develop a strain of genetically altered soldiers that could turn the tide back against the forces that were fighting to bring down the Doenitz Regime.

Baynor had very nearly succeeded when the project was discovered and destroyed by a snap raid conducted by the USS Nimitz.

In the end when he learned of the attack on the facility and the plans of his handler a Professor Colton, Baynor turned on his compatriots, horrified at what his work had been meant for. He surrendered to Captain Devan Sash and his crew asking for his team of researchers to be spared.


Baynor is dedicated to his work and has little time for anything else.

Medical History:[edit]

Baynor had never had any serious injuries or illnesses.


Baynor is currently incarcerated on Starbase Geneva where he is undergoing interrogation and debriefing on the role he played while serving the Doenitz Regime. It is expected that he will eventually face trial being charged with various crimes including Crimes Against Sentients.

David Cherrington and Al Muir played Maori Baynor during the "To Skin a Cat" mission.