Marta Nunez

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Marta 'Nun' Nunez
Ensign Nunez
Name: Marta 'Nun' Nunez
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Birthplace: Puerto Rico, Earth
Species: Human
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Height: 5 foot 8
Weight: 155 lbs
Blood Color: Red
Skin Color: Hispanic
Current rank: Lieutenant JG
Current Position: ASEC
Assignment: USS Rosenante
The USS Rosenanté NCC–924650
Status: Active

Physical Description:[edit]

Marta is an ecxeptionally attractive woman when she chooses to dress that way. She has long black hair that frames her oval face. She has peircing brown eyes and full lips. She as a taunt athletic physique, and long legs. She is very tone.


Marta is the oldest daughter of Miguel and Maria Nunez. She originally had two older brothers but both were killed in the Battle of Cardassia. Despite her parents wishes, she joined the Starfleet marines.


Marta studied Military Science and Communications Technology at the University of San Juan, Puerto Rico. She graduated middle of her class, But received her Bachelor's degree.

Pre Starfleet:[edit]

Marta is a natural athlete. She was very athletic during her childhood. In college, she was on the womens kick boxing team, swim team and cross country team. She was involved in her local community giving self defense classes and teaching Akido to troubled teens.


Marta Joined the Marine Corps directly out of college and performed her basic training at Parris Island North Carolina. She completed her AIT at Fort Pendleton and was assigned to the 1st MEF.

After participating in a series of battles with the 1st MEF, Marta was reassigned to the "Troubled Minds" Recon Platoon aboard the USS Champlain when they were transferred from the USS Boudicca. She participated in boarding and counter-boarding operations during the Battle for Sector 001.

After the destruction of the Champlain she served briefly aboard the USS Hypatia before being reassigned to the USS Rosenante.

When command decided to remove the Marine contingent aboard that ship, Marta was detached and brevet promoted to the Rank of Ensign Senior Grade. She was assigned the position of Assistant TRADOC Officer.


Marta, has been injured a few time in direct conflict with Doenitz marine forces during both ship boarding/counterboarding actions and during ground assaults/defenses. She has never suffered any injury bad enough to leave her incapacitated for any long period of time. She has only one scar and has never suffered from any serious illnesses. She accredits here lack of serious injury to her catholic faith and sheer luck. Thus her squad mates have nicknamed her The Nun.


Marta loves to run and swim. She is often seen running through the corridors of her assigned duty station twice each day. Once in the morning and once before bed. She enjoys working out and makes good use of her free time, staying trim and tone. She can be found sparring with holographic opponents on the Holodeck or running cross country. She has taught hand-to hand combat and basic self defense. She enjoys reading.


She is an expert communications specialist. She has extensive encrypt/decrypt experience. She knows here equipment and is a certified field technician for almost every piece of Mobile equipment that she might carry at any given time. She is an expert at hand-to-hand combat and Knife fighting. She is a 3rd degree dan blackbelt in Akido, and also in Tae Kwon Do. She is an expert phaser shot and is well studied on squad and small unit tactics.


Marta usually dresses in her uniform, or in some part of her uniform when she is off duty. She never takes off her dog tags. She will on rare occassion dress in something feminine, but it is a rare occasion.

Awards and Commendations[edit]


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