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Ensign Mosh

Mosh is the Heavy weapons and Ordinance Officer of the USS Rosenante Special Operations Squad Mike's Marauders. He has served with the squad since it's initial inception, under the command of Mike Rosenbauer.

He, like the other members of the Squad, was once a member of the Starfleet Rangers. He has served throughout the Federation Civil War resigning his commission at the rank of 1st Lieutenant to follow his commander into Starfleet.

Commendations and Awards[edit]

Mirror universe[edit]

In the Mirror Universe Mosh is a sadistic and vicious individual who delights in inflicting pain and killing. He is highly decorated by the Imperial Union of Planets and is the veteran of many bloody conflicts. In the Mirror universe this team is called Mike's Maniacs.

Mosh was first seen in the USS Rosenante mission Into the Darkness, Go I