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Newsletter for the Star Trek: Freedom Wiki, 2010 edition. To obtain a larger view of any of our pictures in this issue left click on the picture you wish to see. To post feedback click on the Discussion tab. To see previous editions of the newsletter, visit The Archive

Fleet Update [edit]

USS Boudicca

USS Boudicca
The USS Boudicca NCC–49901

(USS Boudicca - Ready Room - Captain Durand - 1021)

Alan had relocated to his ready room after the Boudicca docked. He was going over duty rosters and reviewing departmental reports so he wouldn’t have to do them later.

Something he had, however, been putting off came to mind as he waited for Caskie to arrive.

“Captain’s log, stardate 2413.12.30.

We have arrived, finally, at Starbase 989, after completing a ‘scientific patrol’ assignment. The crew performed admirably, certainly no less well than I would have expected.

I’ve come to learn that Dorga ‘cha Nooras, and Susan Rivers before her, have left me with a well drilled, high spirited, and professional crew. The engineering, medical, tactical, and operations staffs are all keeping the Boudicca and her company in good shape. Our science department is woefully understaffed at the moment, but I’m hoping that we will get some fresh faces there soon.

Our rescue and recovery operations on Jahdara III were successful, in that we mitigated the situation as best we could. The loss of life was staggering, but there was nothing we could have hoped to do differently given our response time after the fact.

The crew is, I believe, looking forward to some well deserved shore leave. I may even venture forth myself.

End log entry. Durand, Alan G., Commanding Officer.”

Captain Alan Durand
CO, USS Boudicca

USS Hades

USS Hades
The USS Hades NX-60637

(USS Hades- Deck 2, FO's Office -Lt Jericho Haynes -2215)

After leaving the Astrometrics lab and his meeting with Dr. Bracken, Jack had stopped in his office to try and gather his thoughts. Things were taking a decided turn for the worse and everything seemed to be going by in a whirl, this necessitated him forcibly taking some time to think things through.

The search of the Onyx for clues had been largely fruitless except for a couple of data chips that may or may not hold important information, the captain had assigned the task of sifting through that information to a friend of his in the science department, Harry Doorman. If anyone was qualified for that duty it was Harry, the man was gifted with an extremely brilliant and agile mind. Jack had used that opportunity to give Dr. Bracken some down time, she had earned it after the way events had unfolded on the other ship.

That triggered the memory of the firefight on the bridge of the Onyx, Colonel Drizzt had ordered the marines to converge there ostensibly to protect himself, but from what? Phantasms of the mind? Spooks? Some telepathic sending or demons from their id?

The marines had gone berserk and he, Col. Drizzt and Dr. Bracken had been forced to defend themselves from their own people.

~A frakk of unimaginable proportions.~

But that was only the beginning of sorrows:

Shortly after their return to the ship the Hades had lost power as well, the antimatter for the warp engines had had to be jettisoned and the impulse reactors had gone down as well. They were now operating on backup power alone which would last only a little under forty seven hours under emergency procedures after which time they would be drifting dead in space like the Onyx. Is this how events had transpired on that ship? Were they doomed to fruitlessly repeat the steps that crew had taken leading to their disappearance?

It had to be this section of space! The tachyon field must hold some clue!

But what had caused it?

If they were to have any hope of getting out of here they had to know!

Jack slammed a balled fist onto the desk as he cursed.

"Damn it!"

Getting to his feet he turned and walked to the porthole and looked out into space as he simmered. Here on the port side there was no view of the dead ship.

"I warned you that you had come to hell Jack."

He whirled at the sound of the familiar voice, his hands coming up in defense.

His felt as though the breath had been driven from his body at the sight of his dead wife standing before him.


"You should never have come Jack." The tender look he had known had been replaced by one of sorrow. "You will all die here. Come to me my love."

What happened next was predictable, she began to burn.

Flames seemed to fill the office and he fell to his knees in the extremity of terror and agony. It was happening all over again!


He gave a mighty shout and surged back to his feet and faced the apparition, his face a mask of rage. "Who are you? What are you? You're not real!"

His throat was already hoarse from the cries at the top of his voice as he faced the immolating figure. He could see the flames, could feel them as he forced himself to move toward it. When he was two steps from it, his very uniform beginning to smolder it vanished.

He stood there panting as his hands dropped to his sides, drawing in oxygen with strangled gasps. Lifting up his hands before his face he could see that they were bright red though not burned. Not yet.

But if it had continued?

~What if it gets worse? Is his how the Onyx crew disappeared?~

His reverie was interrupted as his combadge signal actuated, after a brief exchange he left his office for Ensign Dolphine's quarters, they had to find the answers... and they had to find them fast!

Charles Gatling
Lt. Jericho Haynes
FO, USS Hades

USS Mithrandir

USS Mithrandir
The USS Mithrandir NCC–77752-A

(USS Mithrandir - Deck One, Ready Room - CO Capt Olorin Okita - 0700)

Olorin sat at his desk reviewing the latest report he was sending in to Starfleet Command. After less than one day at the Pestis Colony, the medicine that they had brought with them had been used up and the special industrial replicator that they had been given was being set up to produce more. The ship was mostly empty as most of the medical, science, and security departments were down on the planet at the mobile hospital that had been set up.

The planet the colony was on was mostly a water planet with scattered island continents and many islands throughout. Mostly uninhabited, the planet offered great opportunities for aquatic studies. At the moment the colony had been struck by some powerful disease that had taken nearly 200 of its members away. Another 500 - 600 colonists were also struck by the disease. The sum total of the afflicted represented nearly 15 percent of the colony's total population.

While the Mithrandir was a small ship, it had held the bulk of the available supplies of the medicine. The replicator that had been sent was a classified piece of equipment that was designed for these types of missions. A Hospital ship was to arrive within the week with more medicine. The Mithrandir had simply been closer and at the rate the disease was taking its toll, it had been felt that some kind of response was better than to wait for a better equipped vessel.

Olorin looked out his window at the planet below and was glad to hear how well the distribution of the medicine was going. Hopefully the replicator would come online in the next few hours and the hundreds of sick would be feeling better by the time reinforcements arrived.

Tapping in a few last comments, he then sent it off. Rising from the floor, Olorin headed for the bridge.

(Reply Any)

Kaweo Kanoho
Capt Olorin Okita
CO,USS Mithrandir

USS Rosenante

USS Rosenante
The USS Rosenanté NCC–924650

(USS Rosenante, Captain's Quarters, CO, Captain Ahmed Ibn Salid, Day 4, 2300) Ahmed settled into his favorite leather chair and let out a long labored breath that seemed to carry with it all the stress and strain of the last few days.

The murder of Captain Taylor had been solved, the murderer arrested and his holographic assassination program decompiled. At least the worst of it was now over.

He had lifted the ban on the station-wide lockdown, and already the over-due freighters and cargo carriers were heading out of the system in the hopes of trying to salvage their shipments and get to their destinations on time.

The martial Arts tournament had been suspended because of graft and the judges confined to quarters until it could be decided if there was ample evidence to bring them up on charges. It seemed more likely that they would lose their status rather than face criminal proceedings, but that was not for him to decide.

He closed his eyes and tried to relax the muscles in his forehead, which of course, had just the opposite the desired effect. He slowed his breathing a little and allowed the tension to drain away a little before he focused his thoughts back to the situation on the Starbase.

The level under Captain Taylor had been unlike anything that he had ever imagined. He had sent a special request to the Judge Advocate's Office for a special investigator to get to the bottom of the situation. He had been told that they would be dispatching no less than a team of investigators.

At the very least, Ahmed thought that he would at least be able to allow his crew the long overdue shore leave that they had been denied as a result of the murder investigation. That one thought seemed to make everything alright, and Ahmed was smiling before too long.

(reply none)

Daniel Greene
Captain Ahmed Ibn Salid
CO, USS Rosenante

USS Spectre

USS Spectre
The USS Spectre NCC–8741

After a two month refit and update of all key systems, the USS Spectre is now ready to disembark Starbase 24 for the Falconer system. Her destination is the water world Vedea IV, home to an interesting species of peaceful cultivationalists who grow, and harvest a very special algae from their seabeds. However, it would seem that over the years this algae's usefulness has been marred by the realisation that it contains a narcotic agent that is prized by certain 'pirate' types that roam the Falconer system. The Spectre's mission is therefore to escort the freight and intercede if necessary. However, all is not what it appears to be....

Alan Reading
Captain T'Vhor
CO, USS Spectre

Meet the Editor- Questions and Answers [edit]

Now for a little something about me, the new editor.

Get to Know Jaclyn Smith

Jaclyn Smith, Editor of Hailing Frequencies Open!

Q: What is your favorite food, color, drink, music, book and movie?

A: Oh, toughie. Well, food would have to be rigatoni (large pasta tubes) with chicken, broccoli and chillies in a Dolcielatte sauce. Color would have to be night sky blue. Music is absolutely anything but favorite singer would have to be Bryan Adams and group would be the amazing Naturally 7. Book would be the Forge of God by Greg Bear and movie, oh, I'd have to say either Constantine or Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.

Q: Any Favorite TV shows?

A: We could be here a while but if I was picking a top ten then Torchwood (Doctor who spin off), Stargate SG1, Any Keith Floyd cooking show (man was a genius), Doctor Who, The X-Files, Red Dwarf (British comedy sci fi show), Any David Attenborough, Friends, Babylon 5 and, of course, Star Trek!

Q: When and how did you first hear about Star Trek in general?

A: Can't really remember. Seems Trek, in one way or another, has always been part of my life.

Q: How did you find out about Star Trek: Freedom and when did you join?

A: Well, only been here a few months but I found out about it in much the same way as everyone else. Used to do a PBEM a few years ago but it folded. Felt it was time to get back into it and so did a search and found Freedom.

Q: What do you like the best about Star Trek Freedom?

A: The people. Everyone here is so nice. Even if you make a boo-boo (as I have made a couple) then there's no recrimination just friendly advice. Everyone is just themselves and real which is great.

Q: Who was your instructor?

A: William Holiday. He had a lot to put up with with my character but he was great!

Q: What do you do on ST:F and what character(s) do you play?

A: I play Siobhan Philbin, the new ACMO, on the USS Mithrandir. So far, and I've only been on-board 2 game days, we've had an exploding lab, radiation leak and my character has gotten herself a broken ankle! Been fun.

Q: When not writing posts or keeping yourself updated on current story lines, what do you do for a living?

A: I work as an insurance claims adviser for a major British insurance company which is a lot of fun. We get all sorts from the man who lost his laptop, fishing rod and Rolex watch in Lake Windemere due to an eel to the woman who out right asked me if she committed fraud! I live in Sale, Cheshire, England with my partner, Keith and our cat pudding and two terrapins, Honda and Dyson.

Q: So many of our players are creative and expressive people. What else do you like to do with your time?

A: I fancy myself as a bit of a photographer. I love to go for walks with my camera and take photos. Also I like to read cook and listen to music.

Q: What do you feel is your best photograph that you've taken?

A: I would say the recent one I took of a white male stag when in our local deer park. He just looks so amazing next to the snow and other brown deers.
Jaclyn's favorite Photo, snapped by her at a local Deer Park.

Q: How has ST:F impacted your life for the better? Or has it made your life more difficult?

A: At first, it was interesting, getting that old gaming hat back on again. Now I love to read the posts from the ship and see how everyone works around the story. I hopefully have made the start of some great friendships.

Q: Which Star Trek character in any of the series or movies did you like the most?

A: Hmmm, well I love Khan (the late great Ricardo) as his portrayal in ST2 was amazing but if I had to pick from the series, then I would say Quark. He just makes me smile every time I see him I smile but he has the brilliant ability to be serious and caring.

Q: Have you gotten to meet any of the actors from Star Trek?

A: A few. Paris and Neelix from voyager and Uhuru from the original trek. There was also the one time when a few of us were at convention and managed to...........well kidnap Troi and Sulu.

Q: Okay, hold up.... you what?

A: Okay, I was at a Star Trek convention, I think Blackpool and a gang of us had gone as Klingons (fully made up!) and one night, after rather too much at the hotel bar, we decided to kidnap them from their hotel room and hold them hostage for an hour! Mr Takei said that it was the best convention he'd been too!

Q: If you could, what is the one thing in the world you would want to change the most and why?

A: Hmmm, I would have to say I'd make people realize that we are all responsible for our own actions whether good or bad and no-one can make you do anything you don't want to do.

Q: What are you the most proud of in your whole life?

A: The proudest moment of my life was when I got to work on the Commonwealth Games ceremonies. I got to look after Sir Steve Redgrave who is a proper gentleman. That and I also got to hear that Russell Watson managed to get in the wrong car and some lucky local cab driver got to take him to London for a TV appearance! As I said, guys..... please don't judge me too harshly! It's a story I can tell my grand kids!!!!!

Chef's Corner[edit]

Mister Sulu's Lemon Chicken

Sulu's Lemon Chicken


1 medium onion thinly sliced
1 lemon
1/4 cup sugar
1/4 cup soy sauce, light japanese
1/4 cup sake or white wine
4 each chicken breasts halved
1 each egg
3/4 cup flour, all-purpose
1/3 cup vegetable oil


Put onion in large bowl. Cut the ends off the lemon, slice it and add to the onion. Add the sugar, sake, and soy sauce; stir well. Rinse and pat dry the chicken breasts, put them in the bowl and spoon the marinade over them. Marinate them for an hour at room temperature, stirring occasionally to be sure that all pieces are more or less equally marinated.

In a dish or small mixing bowl, thoroughly beat the egg. Put the flour in a plastic bag, dip a couple of the chicken breasts in the egg and shake them with the flour in the bag to coat them. Heat the oil in the pan and add the floured chicken breasts. Repeat until all the pieces are coated and in the frying pan. Brown the chicken on both sides over medium heat (it should take about 20 to 30 minutes) and then add the marinade and simmer until the chicken is well cooked, perhaps another 30 minutes. Serve with rice and enjoy!

Klingon Blood Wine

Klingon Blood Wine


1 bottle of red port or wine
1 inch of fresh ginger, peeled & sliced
Any number of fresh chilies (to taste)


Combine and leave for a month. Serve at room temperature.

And Now For Something Completely Different...[edit]

A new segment to this newsletter. A little bit of humour, funny news story or uplifting story from around the world. To start, an excellent piece of Star Trek related humour and a little computer related humour as well, enjoy......

Star Trek TNG Meets Microsoft

Enterprise D Crew.jpg

Picard: Mr. LaForge, have you had any success with your attempts at finding a weakness in the Borg? And Mr. Data, have you been able to access their command pathways?

Geordi: Yes, Captain. In fact, we found the answer by searching through our archives on late Twentieth-century computing technology.

Geordi presses a key, and a logo appears on the computer screen.

Riker [puzzled]: What the hell is Microsoft?

Data [turns to explain]: Allow me to explain. We will send this program, for some reason called Windows, through the Borg command pathways. Once inside their root command unit, it will begin consuming system resources at an unstoppable rate.

Picard: But the Borg have the ability to adapt. Won't they alter their processing systems to increase their storage capacity?

Data: Yes, Captain. But when Windows detects this, it creates a new version of itself known as an upgrade. The use of resources increases exponentially with each iteration. The Borg will not be able to adapt quickly enough. Eventually all of their processing ability will be taken over and none will be available for their normal operational functions.

Picard: Excellent work. This is even better than that unsolvable geometric shape idea.

. . . . 15 Minutes Later . . .

Data: Captain, we have successfully installed the Windows in the Borg's command unit. As expected, it immediately consumed 85% of all available resources. However, we have not received any confirmation of the expected upgrade.

Geordi: Our scanners have picked up an increase in Borg storage and CPU capacity, but we still have no indication of an upgrade to compensate for their increase.

Picard: Data, scan the history banks again and determine if there is something we have missed.

Borg tactical cube.jpg

Data: Sir, I believe there is a reason for the failure in the upgrade. Apparently the Borg have circumvented that part of the plan by not sending in their registration cards.

Riker: Captain, we have no choice. Requesting permission to begin emergency escape sequence 3F!

Geordi: [excited] Wait, Captain! Their CPU capacity has suddenly dropped to 0% !

Picard: Data, what do your scanners show?

Data: [studying displays] Apparently the Borg have found the internal Windows module named Solitaire, and it has used up all available CPU capacity.

Picard: Lets wait and see how long this Solitaire can reduce their functionality.

. . . . Two Hours Pass . . .

Riker: Geordi, what is the status of the Borg?

Geordi: As expected, the Borg are attempting to re-engineer to compensate for increased CPU and storage demands, but each time they successfully increase resources I have setup our closest deep space monitor beacon to transmit more Windows modules from something called the Microsoft Fun-Pack.

Picard: How much time will that buy us?

Data: Current Borg solution rates allow me to predict an interest time span of 6 more hours.

Geordi: Captain, another vessel has entered our sector.

Picard: Identify.

Data: It appears to have markings very similar to the Microsoft logo...

[Over the speakers]: This is admiral Bill Gates of the Microsoft flagship MONOPOLY. We have positive confirmation of unregistered software in this sector. Surrender all assets and we can avoid any trouble. You have 10 seconds to comply.

Windows7 logo.jpg

Data: The alien ship has just opened its forward hatches and released thousands of humanoid-shaped objects.

Picard: Magnify forward viewer on the alien craft!

Riker: My God, captain! Those are human beings floating straight toward the Borg ship - with no life support suits! How can they survive the tortures of deep space?!

Data: I dont believe that those are humans, sir. If you will look closer I believe you will see that they are carrying something recognized by twenty-first century man as doeskin leather briefcases, and wearing Armani suits.

Riker and Picard, together [horrified]: Lawyers!!

Geordi: It can't be. All the Lawyers were rounded up and sent hurtling into the sun in 2017 during the Great Awakening.

Data: True, but appearently some must have survived.

Riker: They have surrounded the Borg ship and are covering it with all types of papers.

Data: I believe that is known in ancient vernacular as red tape. It often proves fatal.

Riker: They're tearing the Borg to pieces!

Picard: Turn the monitors off, Data, I cant bear to watch. Even the Borg doesn't deserve such a gruesome death!

In Memorium[edit]

Joshua Andrew Koenig
b. 1968 d. 2010

It would be wrong to produce this first edition of our newsletter without a final word about the sad news of the death of Walter Koenig's son . Andrew Koenig was an actor in his own right and we at Star Trek: Freedom, send our condolences to Mr. Koenig and his family. Mr Koenig, known to all of us as Pavel Chekov, bravely said that:

"If you are one of those people who can't handle it any more, know people are out there who really care before you make that final decision,Talk to somebody."

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family at this difficult time. Below is a tribute to Andrew as well as a contact for suicide prevention services. If you or someone you know ever feel that you are alone and just need someone to talk to, these fine people as well as friends and family members are always available to help. Please make that call.

Joshua Andrew Koenig

Joshua Andrew Koenig (pronounced /ˈkeɪnɪɡ/; August 17, 1968 – February 2010), also known as Josh Andrew Koenig or Andrew Koenig, was an American character actor, film director, editor, writer, and human rights activist. He was the son of actor Walter Koenig and actress Judy Koenig (née Levitt).


From 1985 to 1989, Koenig played a recurring role as Richard "Boner" Stabone, best friend to Kirk Cameron's character Mike Seaver in the first four seasons of the ABC sitcom Growing Pains. During the same period, he guest starred on episodes of the sitcoms My Sister Sam and My Two Dads as well as the drama 21 Jump Street. In the early 1990s he provided a voice for the animated series G.I. Joe as Ambush and Night Creeper Leader, and had a minor role as Tumak in the 1993 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode "Sanctuary".

Koenig played the role of The Joker in the critically successful 2003 fan film Batman: Dead End. Directed by commercial director Sandy Collora, the short received its first screening at the San Diego Comic-Con International. Director Kevin Smith called it "possibly the truest, best Batman movie ever made".

Onstage, he starred as the M.C. in the 2007 interactive theater play The Boomerang Kid and performed with the improv group Charles Whitman Reilly and Friends.

Though he continued his performing career in the 2006 independent film The Theory of Everything (2006), Koenig worked increasingly behind the scenes. He wrote, produced and/or directed the shorts Good Boy (2003) and Woman in a Green Dress and Instinct vs. Reason (2004). Most recently he was working as an editor on a number of films and had been a video producer for the podcast Never Not Funny (2006–2010). His final role was in the film DaZe: Vol. Too — NonSeNse, in post-production at the time of his death, with Koenig portraying the role of Vice Chancellor

Personal Life

Andrew Koenig was the son of actor Walter Koenig and Judy Levitt. Andrew's sister Danielle Koenig is married to stand-up comedian Jimmy Pardo.

Writer Harlan Ellison spoke of the young Andrew — by his given first name of Josh — as being the inspiration for his story Jeffty Is Five.

“ ...I had been awed and delighted by Josh Koenig, and I instantly thought of just such a child who was arrested in time at the age of five. Jeffty, in no small measure, is Josh: the sweetness of Josh, the intelligence of Josh, the questioning nature of Josh.”

The story went on to win the 1977 Nebula Award and the 1978 Hugo Award for Best Short Story.

He was a vegan.

Human Rights Activism

Koenig traveled to Burma in July 2007 and visited Burmese refugee camps in Thailand with his father as part of the U.S. Campaign for Burma. The following January, he protested the Communist Party of China's political and financial support of the military dictatorship in Burma during the 119th Tournament of Roses Parade, entering the parade and standing in front of a Chinese float promoting the 2008 Beijing Olympics after a pre-parade human rights march agreed to by parade officials was allegedly stifled by them. Koenig, who carried a sign reading "China: Free Burma" in both English and Chinese, was arrested and briefly held for his act of civil disobedience. Koenig's defense attorney was Bill Paparian, a fellow protester and former mayor of Pasadena, California, where the parade is held.

"China sits on the UN Security Council and they have refused to condemn Burma. China purchases gas from Burma and sells them weapons that the military uses on the Burmese people. So they are really quite complicit, and that was the whole point of protesting the China float," Koenig explained. Koenig also noted the Chinese government's implicit support of genocidal forces in Sudan, sweatshops and tainted export products, saying of the float, "China is putting on a good face because of the Olympics, but [it’s time to] send a message to the Chinese government that they have to not just change their face, but change the way they do things.” The Pasadena Weekly quoted Koenig as stating, "Their free speech rights have been totally censored. As a country with a Constitution and a Bill of Rights, we need to continue to support and enforce ours, and [use it to] recognize the rights of human beings all over the world."


In February 2010, Koenig was reported missing by friends and family. He was last seen near a bakery in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, on February 14, and missed a scheduled flight back to the US on February 16. According to his parents, Koenig left evidence that he was depressed prior to his disappearance. On February 25, 2010, it was reported by CNN that his body was found by friends searching for him in Stanley Park in Vancouver. Police later confirmed Koenig's body was found earlier in the day, and Koenig's father told reporters at an evening press conference that his son "took his own life"

Suicide Prevention Assistance and Helplines[edit]

In the US:

  • National Suicide Prevention Life Line
ph: 1-800-273-TALK (8255)
National Suicide Prevention.jpg

In the UK:

  • Samaritans
UK: 08457 90 90 90
ROI: 1850 60 90 90
Mailing Address
PO Box 9090
Stirling, FK82SA