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Ensign Nickolas Romanoff

Nickolas Romanoff is a Starfleet Science Officer assigned to the USS Boudicca.

In 2414, Nickolas and the crew of the USS Boudicca was assigned to join the USS Rosenante in a joint mission against the Borg.

They traveled to the Dovek System where they encountered a Borg Tactical Cube and a Borg Pyramid.

When Federation Sensor Probes were unable to collect adequate information to determine the nature of the borg activities, Holly and others volunteered to take the Lorimar Class Runabout Lorimar to manually collect data.

During that mission, the small vessel was tractored by the Borg Pyramid. Only fast thinking by Commander T'Larah Sullivan using the Sullivan Gambit saved the ship from certain assimilation.

As it was however, the smaller vessel was badly damaged and was forced to crash land the vessel on the surface of Dovek II a mere four kilometers from the Tkon Nanosphere, which was the object of the Borg's activities there. Romanoff was seriously injured in the crash, suffering life-threatening injuries.

Nickolas Romanoff was first seen in the joint USS Rosenante and USS Boudicca mission Once More Into The Breach


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