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Lieutenant Robert William Lorimar
Lieutenant Robert William Lorimar
Name: Robert William Lorimar
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Scotland Earth
Species: Human
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Brown
Height: 5 foot 10
Weight: 190 lbs
Blood Color: Red
Skin Color: Caucasian
Current rank: Lieutenant
Current Position: Chief Engineering Officer
Assignment: USS Boudicca
The USS Boudicca
Status: Active

Physical Description:[edit]

Medium height, somewhat stocky build. Excellent upper body strength and very good flexibility (good for getting into tight spaces, like Jeffries Tubes!). Hair habitually kept close cropped, with a neatly trimmed beard. No marks or tattoos. Moderate scarring on his abdomen from an engineering accident during his Merchant Marine service.


No siblings. Both Parents (Richard and Linda) still living. Father a systems engineer at Utopia Planitia Shipyard. Mother a research scientist for a Zero Gravity pharmaceutical company. Marital Status: Single, never married.


Starfleet Academy. Clydeside College of Engineering, Propulsion/Power Systems specialization.


Applied and recieved early admission to Clydeside College of Engineering. Obtained advanced degrees in Propulsion, Power, and Defensive/Tactical systems. Terran Merchant Marine Academy. Served one tour on Bulk Ore Carrier, SS Delta Vega. One partial tour on Passenger Liner SS Star of Rigel. Tour ended prematurely due to engineering accident (see medical notes below)


Assigned as ACEO USS Boudicca Stardate 2407.03.05
Promoted to Ensign (sg) Stardate 2407.06.28
Promoted to Lt (jg) Stardate 2407.08.30


Merchant Marine assignment to liner SS Star of Rigel as 2nd Engineer ended prematurely when he was critically injured by the explosion of a faulty impulse engine pack. The ships medical officer stabilized him, but his life was saved by the proximity of a Federation Starbase, to which he was transferred for critical care. Receiving state of the art care, he spent the next several months recovering. Due both to the incredible medical care at the Starbase, and his innate toughness and will to live, he made a complete recovery, and suffers no ill effects save some nasty scarring from the incident.


A strong interest in Ancient weaponry, he has a small but growing collection of Antique and reproduction pieces. He also enjoys reading, various athletic activities and music, though he has no musical talent whatsoever.


As listed above, highly skilled in Propulsion/Power System, with secondary specialization in Defensive/Tactical systems. Moderately skilled small craft/shuttle pilot, though he would much prefer fixing them to flying them.


Somewhat of a social loner, he feels a great debt and sense of appreciation to the Starfleet personnel who saved his life. He has the heart of an explorer, and the hands of an engineer. Coupled with an almost childlike curiousity and sense of awe, he looks forward eagerly to meeting new challenges of all kinds.

Awards and Commendations:[edit]


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