SS Free Booster

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SS Free Booster
NCC 989790
Launched 2410.02.16
The SS Free Booster NCC-989790

Free Booster Class
Rapid Logistics Transport

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The Free Booster has had an brutal career and started life as a tactical assault vessel for Special Operation: Special Service Vessels Section. She was designed to hunt pirates and was built to look like a slow and ponderous merchantman to lure in the hungry pirates. When the pirates thought that they had a fat and juicy prise on their hand the Free Booster would show her teeth and the pirates would wake up in a prison cell. Her anti-pirating days came to an abrupt halt when she was attached and boarded by a pirate lord called Captain Black. He took the Free Booster and changed her into a slave ship to transport his cargo to where it was needed. She was freed in an escape attempt by one of the slaves and was brought back to the Federation where she was again taken back by Special Operation.

Specific Mission Timeline
  • SS Free Booster is lunched under the command of Captain Brewing and sent out to petrol the main convoy roots in search of pirates.
  • Captured the raiding ship Black Heart as it attacked a convoy in the Zaranite homeworld.
  • Assisted in the shutting down of the Dark Infinity slavery ring.
  • Captured by Pirate Captain Black in the Labyrinth system.
  • Used in the smuggling of elicited narcotics into the Delos system.
  • Used to traffic illegal arms from Minos
  • Refitted with expanded weapons capacity and extra stasis pods.
  • Attacked a convoy heading for the Epsilon Mynos system
  • Used to traffic captives to the slave markets of the Orion Syndicate
  • Noah and Coleridge escaped with the SS Free Booster. Pirate station was destroyed by Captain Black to cover his escape.
  • Folded into Special Operations and give them a letter of manque. Coleridge was declared an autonomous individual and not property of Minos or Starfleet. Noah given command of Free Booster and sent out to stop piracy on the convoy routes.
  • Three month petrol along the convoy routes in the sink hole run where they captured two pirate ships and slaver.
  • Noah Reassigned by Special Operations to the USS Spectre and entered an extended refit
  • The refit complete and a new crew assigned the SS Free Booster was released from the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yard
  • After the CLASSIFIED Mission the Free Booster was taken to a repair yard facility. Due to the damage done by the attack it was decided to take the Free Booster out of active service with the Special Operation: Special Service Vessels department. She was acquired by Albatross Organisation and the crew was reassigned but Coleridge was asked to remain on board as commanding officer.
  • Due to the damage that had occurred in the battle of recapturing the USS Serenity, the ship has been towed to the MRD Lily Sloane for long term repair and damage assessment. The Artificial Intelligence have been transferred to the Serenity on her return to service.
  • As part of the Starfleet's military reduction policy with the disbandment of the 52nd fleet. This also broke up the ships of the HAZ-SUP Flotilla and the Free Booster was sold to an independent owner. Which was Coleridge using brokers to keep her identity secret.