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Crel Dopterian Assassin

After the defeating the Myenru Fleet, The USS Hades put in at Geneva Station for some repairs resulting from the Battle at Beta Seranis III.

Shortly after her arrival, An explosion ripped through the Environmental Subsystems. The explosion injured several crew members. A subsequent investigation uncovered signs of sabotage to critical power relays leading to the damaged sections.

Baylon was tasked with conducting the investigation into the identity of the Saboteur.

His suspicions soon fell on a members of the Geneva repair team named Crel. He believed that Crel sabotaged the systems in order to assassinate a Dopterian member of the Hades Crew.

After some further investigation and a second attempt to assassinate Greb H'rokal in Main Sickbay of the Hades, using a Disruptor Grenade of Orion Syndicate Origin, Baylon became convinced that Crel was indeed the only suspect.

Tired of waiting for Geneva Station Security to conduct a search for the dangerous assassin, Baylon visited a place on Geneva Station called the "Midnight Lounge." The Lounge was a renowned dive, known for harboring fringe criminal types. Baylon's intent was to simply embed himself in the Orion Syndicate ranks on the station in hopes of tracking down the assassin and bringing him to justice.

Posing as an assassin, Baylon passed his first test, by dispatching two Thugs that tried to kill him in the Lounge. The first was an Andorian, the second was a Nausicaan. Both bodies were disposed of by the Bartender and Baylon never reported their deaths.

After some time had passed, Baylon was informed that he would be allowed to meet with a prospective employer. He followed the Bartender into a back room of the Lounge where he was trapped by a group of eight Orion males and Terella. Knowing that his cover was blown due to Terella's presence, he attempted to escape. This did not happen, despite the fact that he killed two of the Orion Males during the attempt.

Baylon later discovered that he had been drugged and had been neutralized during his escape attempt when the drug reacted to the adrenalin in his blood stream reacted to the chemical agent.

He later awoke in a small fairly non-decript room where Terella and her sister Mashari questioned him about the Hades security measures and security codes. They ordered him beat and tortured, but Baylon did not crack. Instead, he provided them with the combination of his personal safe in his quarters and some false information concerning the security procedures of the Hades.

Meanwhile, while Baylon was being tortured, A group of Hades Command Staff, led by FO Mason Garrett and containing CEO Norman Harper, ATAC Ammon Ranae, ACSO Maraht, COUNS Jon Nayati, 2O Jason Dema, Marine Curtis Kane and security Officer T'Sol, followed the clues of Baylon's disappearance to the Midnight Lounge.

A brawl ensued in which Norman Harper was injured, and several assailants were killed or injured. During that struggle, Lieutenant Ammon encountered an Undercover SFI Operative Lieutenant Shandir, who provided her with some information critical to the rescue of Baylon Trinin.

The rescue team moved their efforts to Terrela's Fashions, where another struggle ensued. They located Baylon and prevented his death at the hands of the Orion Syndicate.

They captured Crel/Drek during the fight.

later Terella was captured by station security after being set up by Lieutenant Shandir. Later Shandir led an all female team to capture Mashari and her Humans for Humanity contacts during an illicit weapons exchange.

Baylon had to undergo extensive facial reconstruction. His jaw and left cheekbone were terribly broken. He also suffered several lacerations, bruises and a broken rib.


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