Sky of Tomorrow

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Sky of Tomorrow

The Sky of Tomorrow was a Rigelian Freighter that was reported overdue in 2407. The Freighter had been scheduled to ship Duranium ore from the Federation mining Colony of Davros III. When the vessel failed to arrive at it's next scheduled stop, the USS Rosenante was dispatched to locate it.

A Distress signal was received from the vessel, which gave an indication of foul play. The signal was tracked back to the orbit of Davros III. All attempts to hail the vessel were unanswered.

An away team from the Rosenante was sent aboard the Sky of Tomorrow. There the reanimated bodies of the ship's crew attacked the away team, who evacuated the ship. Later it was learned that these bodies had been infected by the Matron Nanoviral Pool

The Vessel was eventually destroyed by the Rosenante when it became apparent that the outbreak could spread.

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This vessel was first seen in the USS Rosenante Mission: A Fine and Private Place