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The main repair and construction yards for the 52nd fleet. Phoenix has a small but growing array of docks and other facilities. There are advanced engineering and science labs, along with one of the largest medical facilities available.

Spacedock Phoenix has several permanent starships, shuttles and starbases assigned to it. Plus offices and facilities on the surface of the nearby M class planets.

The timeline describes the events that led to the breakaway group from Utopia Planitia, fleeting Earth and heading for the headquarters of the 52nd fleet.

Admiral Robert LoDona decided that in order to survive, the 52nd needed a place to repair and develop ships and technologies. Phoenix is this ideal. The 52nd head of research, development and testing of new ships, new techniques and new ideas will happen here, either on the base itself, on the ships assigned here or the new facilities that will be built.

Headquarters - USS Firebrande[edit]

Until a more permeant solution is constructed, the Firebrande will be controlling station of the base, this facility is the control centre for all orbital activities off all kinds. Given the amount of traffic between each of the construction yards, this is a very important role.

Assigned to this new sector, the USS Firebrande is permanently on call to the senior staff, the ship is an experiential platform for the engineers, it can be used to escort new ships on test runs and even be used on missions beyond the Sol system as Starfleet deems fit.

Most of her 1000 person capacity has been removed to allow a huge range of engineering and scientific equipment to be installed, her warp drive is rumoured to be the most efficient in the Federation thanks to all the tweaks given to her over the years by various experiments.

It is the hub of operations for Phoenix. Civilian workers and most of the specialists work on the surface of the planets in the research labs. In orbit, the Starfleet crew have to coordinate the spacedocks, the construction and repair teams and basically all activity, including the remnant Mars Defence Perimeter, which was used during the first Borg invasion of the Sol System.

There is high interaction between the Starfleet crew and the surface and all the spacedocks, shipyards and all ships in the Sol System and beyond.

As you can imagine, starships, shuttles and shuttle pods are numerous and the coordination of this traffic is a full time job.

Shipyard and Construction Facilities[edit]

In orbit there are many shipyards and construction yards performing many different functions, such as ship construction and repair. Each yard has offices and support systems attached and each has a team of engineers and command personnel controlling it.

Remnant of the Mars Defence Perimeter[edit]

During the attack of the Borg, most of the core fleet was destroyed, leaving sector 001 unprotected. MDP as a final defence against any hostiles entering sector 001 now, partially transferred to Phoenix, the principals of the MDF have been implemented.

Suffice to say, the ease of the Borg to destroy these ships and enter close range of Earth didn't impress Starfleet or the Federation Council. Major upgrades are planned to this fleet as well as orbital defences and a larger, more powerful perimeter.

Research and Civilian Facilities[edit]

On the surface of the planets are the science and defence divisions of Phoenix. Here, the research into the next generation of starship and auxiliary systems is undertaken, along with testing of these new systems, civilian and Federation scientists work closely with the Starfleet Offices on Mars and on Earth. A close repour is essential but sometimes, a difference of opinion on the direction of research rears its head.

Medical Facilities on the surface caters for a great deal of Phoenix's hospital needs, the Firebrande also has medical capabilities.