Stanford A. Evers

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Stanford A. Evers
Name: Stanford A. Evers
Rank: Captain
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 50
Position: Captain
Ship: USS Plato (NCC 75001)
Status: Inactive:
"Question everything! Do not rely on the answers of others when you can discover the truth for yourself. Complacency can be fatal."
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Stanford Evers grew up in Mombassa, Kenya on Terra’s African continent. At an early age he proved to have a lively curiosity that would often get him into trouble. Despite that his grades remained excellent while he was in his primary school and the young boy eventually began to dream of a career in Starfleet.

Eventually he won a scholarship at the University of Cairo and in five years had achieved a PhD Quantum Physics. Within a year of his graduation he entered Starfleet Academy to pursue his dreams of a career within Starfleet.

Starfleet Academy:[edit]

Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth

While in the Academy Evers Majored in Astrometrics, Advanced Physics, Quantum Field Theory and String Theory.

Evers' main interest was in the sciences but he also showed and aptitude for tactics and strategy and scored well enough in his strategy and tactics courses to justify him actually moving into some of the more advanced courses taught at the Academy.

Evers consistently scores at a marksman level with hand held weapons and holds a second degree black belt in Aikido.

First Assignment: USS Hubble NCC-7537[edit]

Evers was assigned to the USS Hubble upon graduation from the Academy as its Assistant Chief Science Officer.

USS Hubble NCC-7537

While on the Hubble, Evers was promoted to Ensign (sg) and Lieutenant (jg) and upon his transfer he was the ships Chief Science Officer.

Evers’ time on the Hubble was spent doing detailed studies of recently discovered star systems. The Hubble was primarily involved in the study of seven different systems with M Class worlds that supported pre-warp civilizations. Much of the Hubble's research was covert in nature although Evers did participate in four seperate covert away missions while serving on the Hubble.

Second Assignment: USS Hera NCC-63235[edit]

Evers was assigned to the USS Hera as its Assistant Chief Science Officer.

While on the Hera, Evers was promoted to full Lieutenant.

As with the Hubble the Hera was primarily a science vessel and her mission profile was one of exploration and discovery. During this time period the Hera was heavily involved in studying a number of star systems near the Bajoran system that appeared to have once been inhabited. At the time there was speculation that these civilizations might have actually been Bajoran. It is a mystery that still persists to this day.

USS Hera NCC-63235

It was also during this time that Evers was reunited with an old friend from his Academy days, Roderick J. McDermott. McDermott had been two years ahead of Evers at the Academy but that fact did not prevent them from becoming life long friends.

It was during this time period that Evers saw combat for the first time as during the course of her research the Hera was attacked by a Cardassian Keldon class Warship. After a grueling battle in which both vessels were battered to shattered wrecks floating in space, the Cardassian’s attempted to board and capture the Hera.

With the Chief Tactical officer and First Officer dead, Evers assisted McDermott in leading the defense of the ship defeating the invaders and capturing the survivors. For his actions in defending the ship Evers was awarded a Combat Action Ribbon.

Despite having won the battle the Hera was simply too badly damaged to be returned to service. After being towed back to Terra she was decommissioned and scrapped.

Third Assignment: Starfleet Academy[edit]

Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth

While at the Academy Evers was promoted to Lt. Commander.

Evers returned to Starfleet Academy as an instructor in the Academy’s Science department. During his time there he presided over numerous classes and helped train hundreds of young cadets who would be future science officers.

While teaching at the Academy Evers gained a reputation as an excellent teacher but a hard task master who demanded academic excelence from his students. He also served as a career counselor and on numerous occasions led students in various research projects.

Between classes Evers took part in several research groups and was a member of the Department of Temporal Investigations and the Department of Known Pre-Warp Cultures. Evers also became a member of the Zephram Cochrane Society.

Fourth Assignment: USS Victoria NCC-74963[edit]

USS Victoria NCC-74963

Evers was assigned to the USS Victoria as its Chief Science Officer.

While on the Victoria, Evers became interested in different aspects of starship operations and after two years aboard the Victoria was reassigned as the Victoria's Chief of Operations. After another year he was elevated to the Victoria's Second Officer position.

The Victoria's mission profile was one of deep space exploration and first contact and during his time aboard, the Victoria made contact with seven new species.

Fifth Assignment: USS Venture NCC-77346[edit]

Evers was assigned to the USS Venture as its Chief Operations Officer and Second Officer.

At the end of his tour on the Venture, Evers was promoted to Commander and offered the first officers position aboard the USS Kinkaid.

The Venture again reunited Evers with his old friend Roderick McDermott and as in the past they served together to great affect. The Venture mission profile was primarily concerned with science and exploration. During his time aboard, the Venture discovered and studied a total of seven black holes located at the center of the giant Bentarra Nebula and observed the Alpha Hydri seven Super Nova.

USS Venture NCC-77346

As one might expect however a Galaxy class vessel could not always be expected to remain on a mission of exploration and the Venture was no different being called to mediate various disputes including a border clash between the Romulan and Klingon Empires.

During this dispute the Romulans characteristically resorted to treachery and in a sneak attack badly damaged the Venture and critically injuring Captain Sandusky. When McDermott took command, Evers acted as his First Officer and in a fourteen hour long running battle destroyed the Romulan D’Deridex class Warbird responsible for the attack.

While the mission was considered a failure from the point that a peaceful resolution could not be found, Evers was awarded a Captains Commendation for his actions during the battle and promoted to Commander and offered the First Officers slot on the USS Kinkaid.

Sixth Assignment: USS Kinkaid (NCC 50977)[edit]

Evers served for just a year and a half aboard the Kinkaid and it was a frustrating and sad time for him. Just after his arrival he learned of the loss of the Venture and all of his friends and shipmates aboard her. Only weeks after that Evers’ wife of twenty years, was killed in a shuttle accident on her way out to join him at his new station.

USS Kinkaid NCC 50977

Duty aboard the Kinkaid was also onerous for him as the vessels primary mission profile was diplomacy. Evers found racing back and forth across the Federation, putting out the frequent brushfires that erupted between its various members irksome and often stated that he felt like a parent who needed to discipline his children, instead of coaxing them to play nice.

It was during a conference on Vulcan that Commander Evers had a chance meeting with Admiral Jepak who was on leave visiting his family. When the Admiral asked Evers how he liked serving aboard the Kinkaid, Evers answered him…in detail.

Impressed with Evers, the Vulcan officer concluded that Evers was wasted in a diplomatic role and that it was only ‘logical’ to return him to a role in which he excelled. Within a week of returning from leave Admiral Jepak had issued orders promoting Evers and giving him command of the USS Ajax.

Seventh Assignment: USS Ajax (NCC 65347)[edit]

USS Ajax NCC 65347

Within weeks of taking command of the Ajax, Captain Evers had her reconfigured with a sensor pod which, made her a prime vessel for scientific research. Evers was also able to convince Starfleet to have ablative armor installed over the Ajax’s more critical points, pointing out that the extra protection could be critical to the ships survival while exploring possibly hazardous areas of space.

After keeping the Ajax out of the civil war until it's final month Evers joined the Captain’s of the USS Lydia and the USS Sutherland who had also chosen to stay out of the conflict and join the 52nd Fleet in it’s final attack on Sector 001. At the subspace river terminus they joined the USS Dennison, which together formed a squadron to reinforce the fleet assets already in system at Terra.

Coming late into the battle the Dennison group quickly moved to engage enemy forces that were attacking the USS Nimitz and USS Hades and their escorts while moving in against the heavy fortifications of the Mars Defense Perimeter. Despite the best efforts of the Ajax they were unable to prevent the destruction of the Nimitz but were able to rescue many of her crew and blunt the follow up attack on the Hades.

Chaos at the Mars Defense Perimeter!

With the MDP neutralized and Starbase Valhalla captured the Ajax along with the rest of the Dennison Task Force engaged several more groups of disorganized enemy vessels before patrolling the outer system for stragglers.

Just before the final assault on Terra a small task force of vessels led by the USS Caesar Regnum warped into the system with the intent of making use of a massive Thalaron Radiation Generator, capable of producing Focused Cascading Biogenic pulses. The Regnum’s mission was to ensure that if Doenitz lost the war, there would be no Terra left to save.

During the battle both the Lydia and Sutherland was destroyed with the Ajax being so badly mauled that it would have to be scuttled after the battle. Despite this the Task Force was able to destroy the Regnum and it’s escorts before they could carry out their aims of genocide on Terra.

After the battle Evers faced Court Martial and Censure for refusing to take sides in the war, until it's very end. Ironically both officers in Starfleet command who had sided with the 52nd and those who had sided with Doenitz we’re in agreement that Evers should be stripped of his rank and imprisoned.

In the end Ever’s received a presidential pardon for his outstanding moral fiber in holding to Starfleet founding ideals. The officers responsible for the Court-Martial were severely embarrassed and opted to find him innocent of all charges and offer him a new command at first opportunity.

Eighth Assignment: USS Plato (NCC 75001)[edit]

USS Plato NCC 75001

Back in the role of a Scientist and Explorer, Evers and the newly refitted and refurbished Plato are currently exploring the depths of Beta Quadrant. The Plato has been newly outfitted with some of the most advanced scientific equipment available in the Federation and Evers and his crew are at the forefront of a new renaissance in Starfleet exploration.


As might be expected from such a scholarly man, Evers is a voracious reader. He also enjoys holonovels and historical re-enactments. He also incourages drama troups on his vessel and is known for performing in such classics as Hamlet and King Lear.

Medical History:[edit]

Despite the length of his career Evers has never been seriously injured and is in excellent health.


During a month long R&R period on Terra, Evers by chance met young Eric McDermott and after taking some time to get to know the young man, he eventually convinced him that he should follow in his fathers footsteps and enter into a career in Starfleet.

Evers sensed that the young man was lost and had no real sense or purpose in his life and felt he owed it to his old friend to try and help his son.

Evers personally sponsored Eric to the Academy and visited Cadet McDermott as often as his duties allowed while the young man was at the Academy.

Stanford’s own son Michael is currently in his second year at Starfleet Academy and is following in his fathers footsteps in the science department.


Combat Action Ribbon for the Defense of the USS Hera. Captains Commendation for the Defense of the USS Venture and destruction of a Romulan Warbird.

On Stardate 2407.07.10 he was Awarded the Squadron Commanders Commendation for outstanding participation in the battle against Doenitz forces during the Civil War.