Stanton's Personal Log:

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Personal Log. Stardate 2407.03.04.[edit]

Have arrived at Champlain ahead of schedule. The shuttle trip was boring, once I read everything there was to read about the specs of the Chaplain there was nothing more to do except wait to get there.

Things seemed pretty hectic when I boarded. Everyone is rushing about as if something big is up but I’m too tired to find out what. I’m going to get a few hours sleep and when I wake up I’ll ask around and find out what the big deal is.

It’s probably some useless Admiral coming on board in order to waste everyone’s time with inspections and speeches.

End Log.

Personal Log. Stardate 2407.03.05.[edit]

Well the Champlain has certainly turned out to be rather exciting compared to the com station. Less than 24 hours on board and I’ve already helmed the ship through a battle, my first. We trounced the USS Wyvern and left them licking their wounds. I was a little concerned about it at first but we got lucky and it was only a standard Nebula class starship.

We’re lucky it was not one of those new upgraded Nebula designs that were proposed a couple of years ago by those two cadets that were a year behind me at the Academy. What were there names? Nagumo and…MacDonald…McDonough…Mac something anyway. Never let an engineer and tactical officer work together. The Tac person will dream up the ultimate nightmare that you will ever have to face in combat and the engineer will figure out a way to make it work. The two updated Nebula designs that those two came up with were just plain scary.

Anyway, somehow in less than 24 hours I went from a dead end posting, waiting for the moment when I was discharged from Starfleet to a decorated Helm officer on board a Galaxy Class battlewagon. That’s right decorated! I received a Captains Commendation!

Sometimes life can just be damned confusing. Down and out one minute and on top of the world the next minute. It makes me a little paranoid really. What’s going to happen next?

End Log.

Personal Log: Stardate 2407.03.22.[edit]

I think that the Nimitz may have just been what I needed. I do seem to always arrive just as a ship is about to go into action though. I’m wondering if that should make me a bit paranoid.

I’m an Operations Officer for the time being. It’s not the Helm but I’m beginning to think that this is what I needed, a challenge. I know I can fly a starship, that’s easy. Being an Operations officer could be a big challenge for me and I’m thinking that’s what I need at this point in my life. I’m sure in time I’ll have a chance to go back to doing what I do best but for now I think this is something I need.

Lt. Bixx seems like a sweet girl and I think she is going to make a good department head. She’s been very helpful so far and I learned a lot from her in just a few short hours. Unfortunately she’s the Captain’s girl which is kind of depressing because he’s an absolute dream! For a guy like him I think I’d be willing to settle down in a heartbeat and make babies and do the whole wife thing.

Spent a little time with the Assistant Chief of Ops as well, an Ensign Todd or Tim, something like that, Jackson. No major impressions on him yet although he seems nice enough.

I found myself a playmate the first night aboard and boy did he come along just in time! I don’t think I’ve ever had a dry spell that long in my life! Anthony is a good boy, very sweet and willing to please. He’s in Ops as well so I’ll get a chance to see his work and if he’s as up to his stuff as I think he is, I may well recommend him for the Academy.

I haven’t had time to do more than just take a brief look around but I’m liking what I see so far. The First Officer seems like a really nice guy and is cute too! He also seems extremely competent which, is a far cry from that high-and-mighty-with-nothing-to-back-it-up Ulia Mason aboard the Champlain. I’ve seen my fair share or martinet’s in my life time but she takes the cake!

I haven’t had a chance to meet anyone in medical yet but I’m sure that will be soon as I’ve yet to have my physical. The same goes for Sciences. The Chief Tactical Officer is just plain scary though. I’ve never met a Brikar before and my first impression is ‘big’! The only other officer I’ve seen in Tac is some lieutenant Mc somebody or another. He’s kind of cute but one of those cold types. I might have to see what I can do to warm him up a bit.

I also saw one of our Helmsmen a guy named Andrews. I wasn’t impressed. The rumor is he’s a jailbird, who got freed on the Nimitz’ last mission, which was apparently some kind of rescue. It’s all very hush-hush so I don’t have many details. Anyway this guy got caught trying to outrun Doenitz forces, not much of a pilot if he got caught in my opinion. I just received orders from Mc whoever about a jungle combat sim tomorrow morning early so I better make it an early night tonight.

End Log.