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Name: T’vel
Rank: http://www.startrekfreedom.com/images/pips1/yellowltjg.jpg Lieutenant (jg)
Awards: http://www.startrekfreedom.com/images/rib12.gif http://www.startrekfreedom.com/images/rib19.gif
Gender: Female
Species: Vulcan
Age: 55
Position: Unknown
Ship: Uknown
Status: Inactive:
"It is illogical to believe that despite the lack of empirical evidence, that nothing can go wrong."
— {{{2}}}


T’vel was born to famed Vulcan Xenoarcheologists T’mal and Seena in ShiKahr, Vulcan. Little of her childhood was spent on Vulcan as she accompanied her parents from one research dig to another, from one end of the Alpha Quadrant to another. As such her exposure to Vulcan society was very limited and for short time periods only leaving her feeling as though she had little in common with the rest of her race.

Eventually her parents became concerned that their daughter was developing in ways that they had not anticipated and returned home to Vulcan when she was twenty-four years old. Despite being immersed back into Vulcan culture, T’vel often showed an emotional side that her parents strongly disapproved of.

Once on Vulcan T’vel married an equally young Vulcan male named Myis, at her parent’s insistence. Within a decade the marriage ended when Myis insisted that T’vel was an unsuitable wife, overly emotional and with little discipline. After her failure to complete the Vulcan Science Academy and achieve Kolinahr, her parents disowned her when she made the decision to join Starfleet.

Starfleet Academy:[edit]

Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth

While in the Academy T’vel Majored in Tactics and Strategic Operations while achieving honors in Advanced Tactics and Strategies; As well as graduating in the top 2% of her class. T’vel is also a qualified small craft pilot, certified for everything from shuttles to Runabouts.

T’vel is an avid student of military history and her abilities and scores in tactical simulations are excellent. She has an excellent grasp of strategy and how to best make use of whatever resources or weapons she has available. While her battle plans are comprehensive, she is at her best in small unit tactics and planning a defensive battle or providing a secure location.

T’vel consistently scores at Marksman level with hand held weapons and has achieved her Mastery in Suss Mhan. T’vel has also mastered the Vulcan nerve-pinch, Tal-Shaya and is also an adept in Vulcan Neuropressure techniques.

First Assignment: USS Corinth NCC 64228.[edit]

USS Corinth NCC 64228

T’vel was initially assigned to the USS Corinth right out of the Academy as a Security Officer. Initially she was assigned as the Corinth’s armory officer before finally being assigned as head of the ships special security section which provided personal security for high profile VIP’s such as ambassadors and flag level officers.

She served aboard the Corinth for almost two years before it was heavily damaged during the battle to retake Andoria. During the battle the Corinth, heavily damaged and disabled, was boarded by enemy personal. T’vel was at the forefront of the defense of the ship and was instrumental in defeating the intruders.

Afterwards with the Corinth facing lengthy repairs in space dock and with a majority of the ships senior officers dead or injured, the surviving crew was transferred to other commands and T’vel received a transfer to the USS Dennison.

Second Assignment: USS Dennison NCC 91367.[edit]

USS Dennison NCC 91367

T’vel was transferred to the USS Dennison NCC 91367 on Stardate 2407.07.04 and assigned as a Security Officer.

On Stardate 2407.07.10 T'vel was promoted to Lieutenant(jg).

On Stardate 2407.07.10 she was Awarded the Squadron Commanders Commendation for outstanding participation in the battle against Doenitz forces during the Civil War.

Mission One: The Flames of Ragnarock[edit]

T’vel’s transfer to his new posting did not go smoothly. While on route her Runabout, the Rapier, came under attack by three Runabouts that were a part of Doenitz forces and was engaged in a running battle right up to her rendezvous with the USS Dennison. With Lt. Commander Eric McDermott in command they were able to destroy or disable two of the pursuing vessels and with the help of a shuttle sent by the Dennison he was able to drive off the third.

Within hours of her arrival yet another crises erupted when an officer, Ensign Chance Temerarious, who was a Doenitz agent attempted to commandeer the ship in order to turn it over to Doenitz forces. T’vel who had just been assigned quarters was attacked by one of the raiders and after disabling the man with a deft nerve pinch she took his weapons and arrived on the bridge just as Temerarious and his confederates had surrendered.

After a stay at Geneva that was just a little over twenty-four hours in length the Dennison raced to Sector 001 to rejoin the fleet for the battle. At the subspace river terminus they were joined by the USS Ajax, USS Sutherland and USS Lydia, which together formed a squadron to reinforce the fleet assets already in system at Terra.

Chaos at the Mars Defense Perimeter!

Coming late into the battle the Dennison group quickly moved to engage enemy forces that were attacking the USS Nimitz and USS Hades and their escorts while moving in against the heavy fortifications of the Mars Defense Perimeter. Despite the best efforts of the Dennison they were unable to prevent the destruction of the Nimitz but were able to rescue many of her crew and blunt the follow up attack on the Hades.

With the MDP neutralized and Starbase Valhalla captured the Dennison Task Force engaged several more groups of disorganized enemy vessels before patrolling the outer system for stragglers.

Just before the final assault on Terra a small task force of vessels led by the USS Caesar Regnum warped into the system with the intent of making use of a massive Thalaron Radiation Generator, capable of producing Focused Cascading Biogenic pulses. The Regnum’s mission was to ensure that if Doenitz lost the war, there would be no Terra left to save.

Battered but Unbowed

During the battle both the Lydia and Sutherland was destroyed with the Ajax being so badly mauled that it would have to be scuttled after the battle. Despite this the Task Force was able to destroy the Regnum and it’s escorts before they could carry out their aims of genocide on Terra.

During the climax of the Battle, T’vel served as Tactical Officer aboard the Dennison’s section two during a Tri-Vector Assault on the massive warship. T’vel handled Section two’s tactical operations until the conclusion of the battle.

Third Assignment: Coming Soon![edit]

T'vel's Personal Log Click to View.[edit]


T’vel is fascinated with Earth History and human’s in general and reads extensively on Earth history. She also paints, and participates in Holodeck recreations of various Earth Historical events.

Medical History:[edit]

T’vel has never been seriously injured or had a serious illness and is in perfect health.


T’vel is currently single and is no longer in contact with any members of her family as they have disapproved of her choice of life and career. She has taken an interest in Lt. Commander Eric McDermott, the Dennison's First Officer and has formed a friendship with him that is based on equal parts respect and mutual interests.


Awarded Combat Action Ribbon: For exemplary courage awarded during the Second Battle of Andoria for services in rendered in freeing Andoria from the Occupation of Doenitz forces.

On Stardate 2407.07.10 she was Awarded the Squadron Commanders Commendation for outstanding participation in the battle against Doenitz forces during the Civil War.