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The Tavis Academy can trace its roots back to the end of World War Three during Terra’s 21st century. Initially a school for the very rich who could afford the best education for their children, the Academy has now spread world wide and even has faculties on Alpha Centauri and Rigel.

The Seattle Tavis Academy specializes in boarding and educating children who have either been orphaned and have no other family members to care for them, or children that had been taken from their families due to neglect or by being declared unfit to raise a child.

As such the Seattle facility is a quiet school nestled in the outskirts of the city. Its students, often both physically and mentally traumatized have the opportunity to heal, and recover, as well as receive an excellent education. Graduates from the Academy often go on to achieve degrees in higher education with some graduates even being accepted into Starfleet.

Tavis Academy is known for it's research in psychology, an offshoot of it's work with troubled children and it has extensive research facilities. Tavis also has extensive research laboratories that concentrate in the fields of biogenics.