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Tiburon was a planet, home to the Tiburonians. It was widely regarded for its pursuit of scientific research.

In 2149, Doctor Phlox attended an IME conference on Tiburon, where he briefly met a member of the Mazarite delegation. Unknown to him at the time, this member was actually a Klingon expert in metagenic research, named Dr. Antaak. The Klingons were not invited to the conference. (ENT: "Affliction")

Zora was an infamous scientist on Tiburon, known for her cruel and inhumane experiments on humanoid subjects to test the body chemistry of subject tribes. (TOS: "The Savage Curtain")

Zora may not have been Tiburonian, given that her ears cannot be seen under her thick hair, but Yarnek specifically stated that she conducted her experiments on the natives of Tiburon.

Tiburon was the former home of Dr. Sevrin in the 23rd century, where he studied to become an expert in the fields of acoustics, electronics and communications. (TOS: "The Way to Eden")

According to a non-canon source, The Worlds of the Federation, the star that Tiburon orbits is named Omega Fornacis A, and the Tiburonians refer to their world as Simeran.