USS Breakthrough

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USS Breakthrough
The USS Breakthrough
The USS Breakthrough
Registry: NCC-93656
Class: Modified Intrepid Class
Affiliation: LoDona
Launched: 2399.01.01
Commanding Officer: Captain Sarah Smithers
First Officer: Lt.Commander John Jones
Status: NPC, Active - Task Force 19

Technical Specifications[edit]

  • Length: 350 m
  • Width: 90 m
  • Height: 78 m
  • Decks: 16

Warp Drive System[edit]

  • Type: Mark V Warp Drive
  • Power: Matter/Antimatter with Triad Reactant Injector System (TRIS)
  • Nacelles: 4
  • Normal Cruising Speed: Warp 9
  • Maximum Cruising Speed: Warp 9.96
  • Emergency Speed: 9.989 (Auto Shutdown after 45 minutes)

Impulse Drive Systems[edit]

  • Type: Type IV Hyper Impulse Propulsion System (HIPS)
  • Power: Deuterium
  • No. Engines: 4

Landing Mode[edit]

The Intrepid class is fitted with retractable struts, allowing all ships in this class to perform planetary landing and take off.

Defensive Systems[edit]

  • Phaser Type: XI
    • Phaser locations: 4 Primary Hull dorsal array capable of 320 degrees of

firing, 2 secondary hull, 4 nacelle arrays.

  • Photon Launcher Locations: Four fixed-focus torpedo launchers, two forward

launcher on the secondary and One aft. The fifth launcher is located on the engineering hull.

    • Photon Torpedo Type: XXV
    • Photon Complement: 250
  • Quantum Launcher Locations: 1 Forward, Rapid-Pulse Firing System
    • Quantum Complement: 150
  • Primary Shields: Regenerative Deflector Shield
    • Secondary Shields: Class V Auto-Modulated
  • Armour: Retractable ablative hull armour, which can only be deployed once main shields are knocked out, or not in use.
  • Tractor Beams: 1 Located on the underside of the secondary hull, under the main deflector dish and the other is located at the aft of the secondary hull in the aft section of Deck 14.

Transporter Systems and Sensors[edit]

  • Standard (8 Man): 4, Located throughout ship, Although main Transporter room is on Deck 4.
    • Transporter systems can be operated while the Class V Auto-Modulated shields are in-use. However they are unable to transport anything in or out of the vessel while the primary Deflector Shield or Ablative Hull is operational.
    • Small Cargo (12 Man Equivalent): 4 (One for each cargo bay)
    • Large Cargo (30 Man Equivalent): 1 (In cargo bay 1)
  • Long Range Sensors: 25 Light Year Max Range
    • Takes 1 minute/per light year for intensive scan
    • Takes 1 second/per light year for standard scan

General scan is almost instant up to maximum range

Auxilary Craft Carried[edit]

  • 1 Type-7 Shuttle
  • 1 Type-9 Shuttle
  • 1 Type-10 Shuttle
  • 1 Aero shuttle on the underbelly of the ship.
  • Escape Pods: 200

Crew Capacity[edit]

Bridge of Brk.jpg
  • Normal Crew Complement: 175
    • Comprising:
      • Officer Complement: 23
      • Enlisted Crew: 152
  • Total Evacuation Capacity: 350
  • Departmental Breakdown:
    • Command: 23
    • Engineering: 40
    • Operations: 2
    • Tactical/Security: 70
    • Medical: 40

Misc. Systems[edit]

Holodecks: 2 (Medium Size)

The USS Breakthrough