USS Brilliant

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USS Brilliant

The USS Brilliant is a Defiant Class vessel, assigned to the 52nd Fleet as an escort vessel.

Known Crew[edit]

Members of the crew that are known about include:

Commander T'Pa (Vulcan) - Captain.
Ensign Elenor Night (Human), now assigned to the USS Dennison. Was a CONN officer.

USS Brilliant and the Starfleet 52nd[edit]

The USS Brilliant was one of the various Defiant Class vessels produced to act as a short range heavy fighter/Escort starship. It was placed under the command of Commander T'Pa, a Vulcan officer who had a no nonsense approach to the chain of command. The initial crew were joined by members of Elenor Night's garduating class, and a rotating complement of 120 staff was earmarked once the vessel was assigned to Starbase Geneva and the Resupply fleet. As a result of the 52nd fleet's actions, the rotating staff has been whittled down to 70, as officers and crew are transferred to the other ships in the 52nd fleet.

Current Status[edit]

The USS Brilliant is part of the Resupply fleet, acting as a Heavy interceptor, rapid response vessel, after completing repairs after a skirmish against Doenitz-affiliated forces convoy, including the USS Mescalero.