USS Caesar Regnum

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USS Caeser Regnum

The USS Caesar Regnum was a Federation starship of an unknown class. She was a completely experimental starship, built by Admiral Doenitz to act as the ultimate battle platform.

Very little is known about the specifications for this vessel, since she was not fully operational at the time that she was encountered. The ship was rumored to possess three synchronized warp cores, technology which was originally perfected aboard the Rosenante Class starship.

This meant that the vessel was also exceptionally heavily armed and shielded. During the Battle for Sector 001 the Caesar Regnum was responsible for the destruction of the USS Dennison as well as several other starships serving in the 52nd Fleet.

The Dennison destroyed the Caeser Regnum, as she was suffering a warp core breach. The ship was destroyed and no technical plans or blueprints remain of the class design.