USS Illuminar

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USS Illuminar
USS Illuminar
Launched 2445.09.01
Science & Exploration Vessel
incl tactical compliment
USS Illuminar Plaque
Crew Roster
Command Staff
Captain Sekal, Commanding Officer
Commander Sienna Williams-Verin, First Officer
Commander Dieter Gregory, Second Officer and COPs
Commander Quinna Solice, Third Officer and CMO
Operations Staff
Commander Dieter Gregory, Second Officer and COPs
Medical Staff
Commander Quinna Solice, Third Orricer and Chief Medical Officer
Doctor, Stev Kyllee, Medical Officer
Doctor, Agnes Vanderstein, Medical Officer
Ensign JG, Mark Edwards, (Surgeon) Medical Officer
Chief Petty Officer, Kathy Miller, Medical Officer
Counselling Staff
Lieutenant JG, Alaya Ravenstone, Counsellor
Temas Laredo, Civilian Counsellor
Tactical & Security Staff
Lieutenant Commander, T'Mur, Chief Security/Tactical Officer
Lieutenant, Andrew Taylor, Assitant Tactical Officer
Lieutenant JG, Ariel Trei, Security Analyst
Ensign JG, Tressa Talence, Security Officer
Petty Officer 1st Class, Steven Hammons, Security Officer
Petty Officer 3rd Class, Hercules Devers, Security Officer
Petty Officer 3rd Class, P'Rah, Security Officer
Engineering Staff
Lieutenant JG, Bohb, Chief of Research and Development
Ensign JG, Tycho Alantar, Assistant Chief Engineering Officer
Ensign JG, Tegian Pex, Chief Engineering Officer
Cadet, Priar Valar, Engineering Intern
Science Staff
Lieutenant JG, T'shalaith, Chief Science, Research and Development Officer
Ensign SG, Celiste Winters, (Botanist) Science Officer
Ensign SG, Skashe Winters, Science Officer
Flight Operations Staff
Lieutanant JG, Tempest Grey Wolf, acting Flight Squadron Executive Officer
Lieutenant, Arthur 'Snoopy' Corday, Pilot
Ensign SG, Vic “Raid” Montero, Pilot
Ensign JG, Alexander Dyson, ACONN
StarFleet Command
Admiral, Donovan Cayne, Fleet Commanding Officer
Ensign JG, William Alexander Jr, Admiral's Aide
Major Audie Murphy
2nd Lieutenant Charles Temerity
Luma'Lenai, Computer Specialist
Temas Laredo, Bond Mate to Luma/Counselor
Michaella Kirian-Mias, Ambassador
Gailus Penn, PhD, Scientist
Teller, PhD, Scientist
Leeza Pel, Morale Officer
The Root of Decay
Uncaring Star
A Cure Delayed
Death In The Shadows
Risa Falling
The Parallax Syndrome
The Rhyne Odyssey
Through a Mirror Darkly
An End and A Beginning
For Honor
The Greatest Frontier
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The Ship[edit]

It was launched from Utopia Plantia having been designed at the Mars operational base. It was built and designed in conjunction with Captain Sekal due to his scientific discoveries and presided over by Vice-Admiral Saleke who is over Star Fleet Research and Development. The USS Illuminar also is home to the sentient being Luma’Lenai and is the first ship of the new Illuminar Class

Ship Update[edit]

Written by Charles Gatling

"Stardate twenty four, forty five, zero nine, twenty four.

Recommendations have been sent to the Minister of Security based on findings into the investigation of the poisoning of Kai Hetel Krevi. She was medically released from the ship in the company of planetary security forces who have been ordered to see to her safety.

The disposal of the alter-universe orb has sealed the rift that had been developing around the release of omicron radiation from the Bajoran orbs and it is believed the temple will be reopened after a short quarantine to verify there are no residual effects. Where the wormhole denizens disposed of it is an unknown however their assistance was invaluable. With the reinstatement of the protective fields the orbs are now safe for Bajoran use.

Illuminar has taken on and installed an upgraded flux capacitor in lieu of the series she had been outfitted with that proved faulty during our maximum warp sustainability test. We will be proving the design during the return to sector 001 where the ship will be undergoing upgrades.

The officers and crew of the ship performed admirably during the mission and my recommendations have been forwarded to StarFleet Command.

Lieutenant Commander Sekal, commanding officer, USS Illuminar."


"The light shines brightest amidst the deepest darkness."

Duty Stations[edit]

To be added


The Root of Decay[edit]

Stardate 2445.09.01 - 2444.09.20

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Crossover & Decompression[edit]

Stardate: 2445.09.21 - 2445.10.12

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The Uncaring Stars[edit]

Stardate: 2445.10.14 - 2445.10.25

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A Cure Delayed[edit]

Stardate: 2445.09.21 - 2445.10.12

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Death In The Shadows[edit]

Stardate: 2445.10.25 - 2446.02.17

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The Masquerade[edit]

Stardate: 2446.02.21 - ongoing

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