USS Paladin (NCC-52776)

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USS Paladin
Launched Unknown
Meredith (refit)
Mobile Command Center
The USS Paladin NCC–52776
Crew Roster
Command Staff
Lieutenant Commander Gibb, Acting CO
Operations Staff
CPO Brown, Operations Officer
Medical Staff
Lieutenant Noble, Chief Medical Officer
Lieutenant Bracken, Assistant Chief Medical Officer
Ensign Maccaulay, Assistant Counselor
Tactical & Security Staff
Lieutenant Trei, Security Chief
Ensign Flagg, Assistant Tactical Chief
Engineering Staff
Lieutenant Vesper, Chief Engineering Officer
Ensign Fritz, Asst. Chief Engineering Officer
Science Staff
Ensign Lanney, Asst. Chief Science Officer
Advanced Theoretical Technologies Unit
Lieutenant Commander Zzt, Theoretical Engineering
Starfleet Intelligence
Lieutenant Commander Nicolae, Starfleet Medical Liaison
Lieutenant Colonel Kgrik, Marine Commanding Officer
Flight Operations
Lieutenant Major, Flight Squadron Executive Officer
Other Starfleet
Captain Straton, On temporary Secondment
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The USS Paladin is a starship in service of the 52nd Fleet. The Commanding Officer is Captain Eva Straton. Originally the USS Pinnoe, which defected from one of Admiral Doenitz's fleets and was renamed to USS Paladin after a through overhaul and security check. On-board the USS Paladin is the home of the 1st Paladin Marine Company, 2nd Paladin Marine Company, 3rd Paladin Marine Company and 4th Paladin Marine Company.

Fleet Update[edit]

Written by Anthony Keen

The USS Paladin is currently on hold awaiting a relaunch in mid-2008


Ense petit placidium sub liberate quietium By the sword we seek peace, but peace only under liberty



Stardate 2407.01.20. The USS Paladin is en-route to the Romulan Neutral Zone to guard against a possible Romulan invasion while the Federation undergoes a Civil War. The ship takes on new crew members while the rest of the crew rests

The Enigma Factor[edit]

Stardate 2407.01.27. The USS Paladin comes across an alien vessel, the QHL Sunda, stuck in a subspace tear and they send over an away team to render assistance. It is discovered that an imbalance in the ship's quantum singularity warp drive caused the rift. A sister ship from the United Kingdom of Kiria, QHL Aiglos, approaches and is outraged that aliens have boarded their ship. Captain Straton leads an envoy over to the Aiglos to explain the situation. She convinces the ship's commander to work together to get the Sunda out of the rift. Working together, the Sunda is removed from the rift and repaired. An investigation is launched and it is discovered that a Romulan agent was hiding as part of the Sunda crew and caused the instability in their warp drive.

The Unexpected Odyssey: The Sphere[edit]

Stardate 2407.01.30. Michael Ian O'Connor is named Second Officer. Patrolling the Romulan Neutral Zone in case the Romulans decided to take advantage of the Federation Civil War, the USS Paladin was suddenly pulled into uncharted space, 530 light years off course. Faced with a six month journey to get back to Federation space, Captain Eva Straton ordered the ship to the nearest star system in order to finish repairs and get any supplies, if needed. To their surprise, they encountered a Dyson Sphere and have sent a small away team out in the Shuttlecraft Goddard to investigate. The away team found a way to get into the sphere and then worked on getting the Paladin through to the inside as well. The Paladin explored in the interior of the sphere and found no life forms. They left the Dyson Sphere resupplied and started heading back to Federation space. Along the way they found a subspace river which allowed them to get back in only two months time.

New Beginnings[edit]

Stardate 2407.04.02. First Officer Calvin Capps and Second Officer Michael Ian O'Connor are injured and are no longer able to hold their posts on the Paladin. The USS Paladin arrives at Starbase Geneva. The crew is granted shore leave while the ship re-supplies. A Masquerade Ball takes place on the Holodeck while the new first officer, Commander Remae Ktell, plans a refit. Following which the Paladin goes under a major refit for the following six weeks.

Mjolnir's Fury[edit]

Stardate 2407.06.23. Captain Straton announces that the Paladin’s next mission will be to rendezvous with the 21st Task Group and lead it against Doenitz’s forces in the liberation of Betazed. The crew is excited about a potential end to the Civil War and start battle exercises while they are traveling to the Kalandra sector. En-route, a new science officer is revealed to be a traitor and the crew must figure out what damage he has done. The Paladin arrives at the rendezvous and the Battle Group heads toward Betazed.

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