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USS REPUBLIC Page, all the info about her refit and repairs can go here.

USS Republic
At Mars Base
USS Republic
Crew Roster
Command Staff
Admiral Remae Ktell, Commanding Officer
Operations Staff
Ensign JG, Janey Brown, Operations Officer
Ensign JG, Alexandra Petrova, Operations Officer
Chief Petty Officer, Charles Tamblyn, Operations Officer
Ensign JG, Vex'ahlia Jordaan, Operations Officer
Medical Staff
Ensign JG, Ailynn Bracken, Medical Officer
Ensign JG, Kasian Poldan, Medical Officer
Counselling Staff
Ensign JG, Ariel Trei, Counsellor
Ensign JG, Quinna Solice, Counsellor
Tactical & Security Staff
Ensign JG, Carson Peters, Acting Assistant Chief of Security
Ensign JG, Rebecca Flagg, Tactical & Security Officer
Ensign JG, Garek Darpeg, Tactical & Security Officer
Ensign JG, T'ay'ia sh'Mila'aa, Tactical Officer
Ensign JG, Ravok Shara, Tactical Officer
Engineering Staff
Ensign JG, Keira Merek, Acting Assistant Chief Engineering Officer
Ensign JG, R'vek Kental, Engineering Officer
Ensign JG, Boone Foster, Engineering Officer
Science Staff
Ensign JG, Sienna William-Verin, Acting Assistant Chief Science Officer
Ensign JG, Sekal, Acting Assistant Chief Research Officer
Ensign JG, Jaton Alyl, Science Officer
Flight Operations Staff
Ensign JG, Trip Williams, CONN
Ensign JG, Ire Williams, CONN
Other StarFleet Staff
Ensign JG, Jaelle Foxglove, Intelligence Officer
Ensign JG, Eva Rozen, Intelligence Officer
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