USS Serenity

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USS Serenity
Launched 2414.03.10
The USS Serenity NCC–2891

Fangtooth Class
Deep Submersible Search and Rescue Vessel

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In To The Big Blue
The Last Flight of the Evenstar
Fluid Chalange
Running Deep
Ode of Remembrance
Into the Looking Glass
The Chains of Slavery
Gravities Reach
Ground Zero

The USS Serenity is a Fangtooth Class vessel. The Serenity is the first vessel in its class and came from a combined project called Deep Dive with combined the Federation Naval Patrol, Star Fleet, Pacifica Submersible Research Institute and the Albatross Organisation a deep space rescue organisations. She is currently serving in Starfleet of the United Federation of Planets and is on assigned to the Federation Department for Oceanic Research. She is designed as a deep submersible exploration vessel to go deeper and travel for longer then any of her predecessors. She can also be used as a rescue vessel with no external adaptation for the task. She has the ability to function as a submersible and a starship with a set to retractable warp nacelles that are housed inside recesses in her hull. She has a crew composed of members from the Federation Naval Patrol, Starfleet and the Albatross Organisation. This also means that the Serenity also has strong links with all three organisations.

Mission Specific Report

Working as part of the HAZ-SUP Flotilla as a Deep Submersible Search and Rescue Vessel which is part of the Rapid Response Mobile Emergency Deployment Unit of the Albatross Organisation and also attached to the 52nd Fleet as an auxiliary unit.

The Serenity became infected by a parasite life form by one of Sulia Madon`s operatives and most of the command staff and ship’s crew took part in the mutiny to take over the ship.

The Serenity was attacked and boarded by ships and marines of the HAZ-SUP Flotilla along with elements of the 52nd Fleet and attached Marine Corp. The infected crew has been removed to a quarantine facility for investigation and treatment. The Serenity has gone through extensive refit and repair at the MRD Lily Sloane Mobile Repair Dock and went on her shakedown cruise integrating members of her original and new crew.

She was stripped and partially dismantled as part of the Starfleet's military reduction policy with the disbandment of the 52nd fleet. This also broke up the ships of the HAZ-SUP Flotilla which was returned to their original organisation, scrapped of soled on.


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