USS Warshrike

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Not much is known about this Defiant-class ship. The only known fact is that its commanding officer is Commander Krieger. It was assigned to Task Force 2 under the Fleet command of the USS Boudicca.

USS Warshrike a Defiant-class starship
Uss warshrike.png
Accommodation: 40 Officers and Crew. {Evacuation Limit 150}
Classification: Escort [Defensive/Patrol/Reconnaissance]
Development Project Started: 2366
Production Start Date: 2372
Production End Date: Still in Production
Length: 119.5 meters
Width: 90.3 meters
Height: 25.5 meters
Weight: 355,000 metric tons
Cargo Capacity: 10,477 metric tons
Hull Composition: Ablative armor overlaying a duranium/tritanium composite hull,

augmented by synthetic castrodium alloy structural members.

Number of Decks: 4 Total.