USS Wraith

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USS Wraith
USS Spectre.jpg
Accommodation: 228 (40 Officers - 188 Enlisted Crew)

{Evacuation Limit 2,000}

Classification: Explorer [Refit from Interceptor]
Development Project Started: 2337
Launch Date: 2353
Decommission Date: Still in Service.
Length: 300.98 meters
Width: 223.2 meters
Height: 50.7 meters
Weight: 585,000 metric tons
Cargo Capacity: 19,360 metric tons.
Hull Composition: Duranium-Tritanium composite with micro-fiber

reinforced ablative armor over critical compartments.

Number of Decks: 10 Total.

The USS Wraith was a sister ship of the USS Spectre and the 2nd Spectre class ship to be launched, her last Captain, Captain Jana Bell had close ties with Captain Remae Ktell.

The USS wraith participated in the Battle for Sector 001 at the end of the Federation Civil War.

The vessel is commonly assigned intelligence Gathering missions due to it's phased-cloak device. There are only 4 ship's of the Spectre Class in active service. Currently the USS Wraith is attached to Spacedock_Phoenix