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JPB played the following characters...

USS Champlain[edit]

Captain, Edward Wolfe, Commanding Officer - PC (Died in action)

Lieutenant (SG), Professor d'Kla's'turr, Science Officer - SPC (Died in action)

Lieutenant (JG), Mor'rel, Acting Chief Medical Officer - SPC (Died in action)

USS Nimitz[edit]

Lieutenant Senior Grade, Dartena Bixx, Operations Officer - SPC - (dead)

Lieutenant Junior Grade, Divon Lronen, Counsellor - SPC

Petty Officer 2nd Class, T'lexinath, Scientific Personnel - SPC

USS Boudicca[edit]

Lieutenant Commander, Paul Casely, Strategical Officer - SPC (dead)

USS Dennison[edit]

Lieutenant Senior Grade, Jewort Trewe, Chief Science Officer - SPC

Starbase Geneva[edit]

Humans for Humanity leader Dean Benford - SPC

Note:all Starbase Geneva characters are currently inactive.

Starfleet Academy[edit]

Admiral Pavak Green, CO Starfleet Academy

Commander Kanin, FO Starfleet Academy

Lieutenant Junior Grade, Arzi Taba, Instructor - SPC

Who Am I?[edit]

I'm Jean Valjean! No... seriously. I'm an historian specializing in Ancient and Medieval Studies, as well as Modern Politics and Political Theory. My students spend a lot of time seeing how modern political trends began in the ancient and medieval times. I currently hold my Honours Specialization in History and head the department of Canadian and World Studies in the High School I work in.

I've been an avid roleplayer since I was 15 and have done some playtesting, especially on the White Wolf platform as one of their writers is a friend of mine. I stared with the old AD&D standby but have also played Shadowrun, GURPs, Theif, LARP Vampire, LARP Werewolf, Tabletop Medieval Mage, and the new tabletop World Of Darkness game. I also do some playtesting of wild and wonderful new systems that may someday be seen on a shelf near you, like the Space Opera... think Douglas Adams combined with Serenity. It was a lot of fun.

I've loved Trek forever, watching it in reruns as a child and never missing an episode when it hit TV as TNG. A couple of years ago I decided to join ST:F as a minor passtime... well... no longer minor, its grown into a major part of life... it'll probably do that for you too!