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Does anyone want to talk to me? :)

Yes! You haven't posted to me yet on the Boudicca, Anthony. And here you just stated in the Winter Issue Newsletter that you always post to the new people on the ship. LOL! How is the house coming? -herbalsheila

  • chuckle* I will, as soon as I get a few things sorted here, my PC is still in 1000s parts on the floor here... as soon as I get that back upto speed, I can focus on posting once more.

Anthony, if in case you do want people to communicate with you on your wiki page bio, let me make sure you understand this. It took me forever to get that this was you, Anthony Keen, on here since when I searched that name under the ST:F Wiki, it ended up coming up with where the name Anthony appears in a few articles. I would never have expected you, the wonderful site builder for ST:F, to be listed here as something as alien to me as 'Sysop' of all things. People might have difficulty finding you. I just thought that you should know. -herbalsheila

  • Thanks, I've setup a redirect from my name. Sysop is the name of the administrator and can't be changed, I never figured anyone would be looking for me under my name.

Oh and Anthony, with all this huge amount of free time you have right now, you should be able to work up an article or story for our winter issue what with most of us up here in the middle of winter, tax time, Christmas retail season, and school semesters and all, right? *wiggles eyebrows* LOL! -herbalsheila

  • We'll see! <BEG>

Hey Anthony, I finally found something to write about on the Wiki ST:F Newsletter. So I did an article tonight on the RL documentary airing on the History Channel Jan 19, 2007. The Spectre and the Paladin, have not yet reported in with thier stuff. I can't think of what else to say, other than to talk about the Arborians. But this isn't the Sheila issue; its supposed to be written by more people. Help me out here! Can you do an article on, say, warp engine theory? I have always wanted to know about that. -herbalsheila

  • Done!

Anthony, you da man! Great article; I love the picture. I still haven't gotten down how to put pictures in very well myself so I am thrilled. Thank you so much! -herbalsheila

  • No problem at all - for a good FAQ on uploading photos, check out the help page

Anthony, I am having difficulty doing a User/Player info box like the ones that Kevin Schram created for the ST:F Wiki. There isn't one for the Hades, only for the Mystique and the other ships. Can you create one with an updated picture of the ship? -herbalsheila

  • I'll see what I can do :)
  • All done and I updated your page.

Thank you so much, Anthony. You are wonderful. -herbalsheila

Anthony, I stumbled across your album pictures and I want captions! Especially on the pictures from the UK. Someday I will have enough money to go visit, but untill then, I really want to know what I am looking at in your pictures from when you went there. I haven't got to the album on Hong Kong yet. But I know I will want captions there too. -herbalsheila

  • Next time I have a quiet afternoon at work, I will do that. I usually head back to the UK every couple of years, visit my parents and so on but they seem to prefer coming down under, so that's cool, the flight is a major pain!
  • Anthony! Thank you so much for the article on computer cores! I am thrilled. I just put together the article on 'ST: The Adveture Continues' for our headliner story and I even included two pictures! Yay! I feel rather proud of myself. How do yu like that picture of Chase Masterson?! Whoo hoo! Anyway, Ken is doing another article on Federation Economics, which will be our third story. So we are doing good. The Dennison, Paladin and the Champlain haven't reported in yet, but I am sure they will soon. Hugs! -herbalsheila
    • Tony, not sure where to put this but another spammer to block: - Liz

Hello Tony. The website was down Friday but I found it back up by about 9pm CST. Hooray! -herbalsheila

I am not sure what happened to Kevin Schram, but do you think you could get the Newsletter Template ready to go for the Summer 2007 Issue? I don't know how to do that, but I am also not the administrator for the site. I am but a lowly editor and plan to stay that way! :D -herbalsheila

  • You bet, I will have a go this weekend at doing that, all done now, archived the Spring newsletter and setup summer 2007 for you!

Anthony, thank you so much for the article on the Academy. That was really informative, even for me. I appreciate your continued support of the newsletter. It wouldn't be as good without you. Talk to me somitime soon on IM, will you? We might need to brainstorm on ideas for future newsletter articles. -herbalsheila

Hello Anthony! Do you think you could archive the old Summer 2007 Issue of the ST:F Newletter so I can put in stuff for Fall 2007 Issue? I suspect you are pretty busy these days, and I am sorry to pester you. Thank you -herbalsheila

  • All done!

Ok Anthony we seem to have a Wiki linkage problem. Though I can cross link pictures in existing articles for the newsletter, I have trouble adding linkage to pictures I have uploaded since the move to the new server. Have we somehow lost some code or something? I really want to finish up the Fall 2007 newsletter. -herbalsheila

Yup, I know your problem Sheila! I emailed Anthony about it about a week ago, I'm just waiting for him to email me back (I know he's busy). Any images I uploaded about a week or two weeks before the server change dont show up on the pages. And when I re-upload they still don't show. - Jono Bradley

  • Yeah, I would say that any images uploaded in the past week before the move are gone -- please upload them again with a new name. Consider those images (and their links) dead.

But I uploaded these after the move to the new server. -herbalsheila

  • If you can upload them again now, so I can check and do the links and leave them dead, then I can check what's going on.
  • I've tried uploading some images for you Anthony, but none of them work. Apart from one, The Wiki seems to let 'header' images through. Since the server move the only two images I've uploaded and had work are the images on the top of Jono Janeway's page and Sam Fiacie's page. Because these images are the ones used on the site, they're quite small images (smaller than any other I've tried uploading) could it be a problem with the size of the images we are uploading? - Jono Bradley
  • Try it now, I've updated the wiki from 1.5.2 to 1.6.10, the last version to use php 4, if we want a newer version, we have to go to php 5.

All my images now seem to be in place, from before. However I seem to be hitting quite allot of errors all over the Wiki now. Jono Janeway - You get allot of error lines above the top etc... I tried to go onto the Recently Uploaded Gallery and just got an error message. - Jono Bradley

  • I didn't get an error on that page, please list any and all pages that have errors on them, so I can test.

Whatever you have done, seems to have done the trick Anthony! Yay! All the errors are gone and any of the few images which havent been retained are quite easily fisable by re-upload! Thank-you! - Jono Bradley