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Basic Character Information[edit]

Name: Valek

Age: 125 (in human years)

Gender: Male

Birthplace: Vulcan

Species: Vulcan

General Physical Information[edit]

Eye color: Grey

Hair color: Dark

Height: 5 feet, 7 inches

Weight: 225 pounds

Blood color: Green

Skin Color: Black

Physical Description: Stocky and muscular, short and heavily built for a Vulcan, but all muscle, with as much physical presence as his taller racemates.

Position and Ranking[edit]

Assignment: Holodeck 4

Training: Academy Instructor, formerly OPS on several ships

Rank: Lieutenant (jg)

History and Education[edit]

Family and Background: Valek was born in ShiKahr, a major city on Vulcan, located on the edge of the howling wind scoured desert known as Vulcan's Forge, and ten days travel on foot from the L-langon Mountains. His family was involved in accounting and business analysis.

Education: Standard Vulcan education, Vulcan Science Academy, Starfleet Academy

Pre-Starfleet History: Valek ran the family business for a few years after his parents died, until his younger siblings could take over. Then he turned his attention back to his career and eventually joined Starfleet.

Starfleet History: Served aboard the USS Cochrane, an exploratory research vessel involved in cartography and star-mapping. He later served aboard the USS Velasquez, a high security destroyer, until his disillusionment with Doenitz became too great. He considers his position within the Academy a way to help route those cadets of talent and intelligence to LoDona’s Fleet.

Medical History: Allergic to Earth’s white “Irish” potatoes, but otherwise healthy.

Other Information[edit]

Hobbies: Plays Vulcan lute and gains satisfaction from creating Vulcan cuisine for himself and other faculty members.

Skills and Abilities: Valek can make mathematical calculations even more quickly and accurately than most Vulcans. He is adept at applying his knowledge in creative and unexpected ways.

Notes: Valek is a demanding instructor who insists upon excellence from his cadets, encouraging them to use creative problem solving skills. He has a reputation for being intimidating… but in fact, if he believes that a cadet is doing the best he or she can, he can be counted on to go the extra mile to help the cadet achieve success.

Former Cadets[edit]

Valek has taught such notables as Dorian Weaver, Niles George, Kenneth McKenzie, and Carlyle Deston, among others.