What have we here?

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Stardate: 2414.05.19 The crew currently find themselves in the Poinyee System after being ordered to investigate a spatial anomaly that had been reported in the area.

Stardate: 2414.05.18 Ensign Marcel Girard joins the crew of the Mithrandir. The crew arrives at the spatial anomoly and, whilst studying it, are hit by energy beams that eminate from the anomoly and a mysterious entity appears on board in sickbay. Later christened ELI (Extraterrestrial living intelligence), the crew begin the investigation into where he has come from and what he is. To compund this, the ship is currently dead in the water due to a sudden drain on the warp drive.

As the senior staff meet to discuss ELI's future and the information that the entity is a gestalt entity, now refered to as Legion, ELI makes the desicision to leave the ship, via the transporters and return to Legion from whence he came.


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