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The Klingon Empire is the government (and planets) controlled by the Klingons

The Klingon Empire logo.

Government Structure

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Declaration of War against Doenitz

Background information

This post began with the Klingons sending an envoy to LoDona, to decide if he was a threat to be rooted out or a crusader to be backed. That post can be found (wherever it ends up)

Please read the Wiki article on Miador Tane for further information on the Ambassador.

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Post Detailing the Declaration

Stardate: 2406.11.27

(Starbase Geneva - Ambassadorial Section, Ambassadors Quarters - Ambassador Miador Tane - 0900)

Miador looked out over the railing at some of the new Ambassadors coming in; they were usually a good sight to watch, but not this time. This time, the mood was dark. It was well known by the Ambassadors coming in their Starbase Geneva and the Fleet she supported was in the middle of a Civil War. Tane had debated with a dozen of them at the strengths of their actions, at the inherent honor in which his CO, Admiral LoDona, fought. So far though, so many had chosen to pull representation. He had been called back from the Paladin just to put a stop to this mass defection.

It was disappointing.

Since he had come aboard he'd had no end of fun, it had been nothing like the high-stress of the Klingon Court, and there were none of the strange ceremonies to be conducted by their Chancellor. Tane hung his head for a moment as he clasped his hands together and leaned on the railing. For all the strange ceremonies and high-visibility at being named Miador Tane of the House of Tane by the Klingon Chancellor himself, he would rather be there now then in the middle of no-where fighting what appeared to be a lost cause.

Steps rang behind him, sure and hard. There was a metallic scrape; very few races used metal in their boots.

~I must be psychic, or afflicted with a muse of the perverse.~

He turned to confront the two people who had walked up behind him. One he recognized right off, and Miador nodded his head to the Fleet Admiral of the 52nd. "Admiral LoDona," he said in a polite tone. His attention returned to the second individual, a Klingon. "And I don't think I know you." He said, in the same tone.

"Plak'Ta." The Klingon said, just before slapping his closed fist over his breast. "Ambassador to Starbase Geneva and Admiral LoDona, Political Attaché to the 52nd Fleet."

Miador's eyebrow quirked slightly, "The Klingons are choosing to recognize us?" he asked, with just a slight bit of surprise.

"Not yet," LoDona said in his typical gravely voice. "But you are going to help convince them."

Miador blinked.


"The High Chancellor has requested your presence, Miador Tane of the House of Tane, at his side for counseling as to the current actions of the 52nd and your Fleet Commander." The Klingon's voice was gravel, and the look he gave LoDona was nothing less then bloodthirsty. Miador thought about it for a few moments, the conclusion he reached was that Klingons love fights for honor, especially an underdog fighting for honor. Plak'Ta was going to be happy as a Clam in Wine being here, in the middle of a War of Retribution.

"I don't have to tell you what this means, Ambassador." The Admiral said quietly. "I don't have to tell you that things are not going well. Doenitz has secured most of Starfleet and his attacks are becoming stronger, soon, there will be no stopping him on Earth. He has already gone public; we are officially in a full Civil War."

Miador put his hands behind his back, "I understand." He paused to look at the Klingon again, then back at the Admiral.

"When do I leave?"

Stardate: 2406.12.01

(High Chancellery of Qo'Nos - Waiting Chamber - Ambassador Miador Tane - 1200)

Miador shrugged his shoulders, and then rolled them back. The bat'leth strapped to his back moved itself into a more comfortable position immediately thereafter. The Chancellery, as it always was, was piping hot.

The fact he was wearing heavy robes with the symbol of his House didn’t help anything, Klingon robes were nothing if not stifling.

It was always a source of amazement to him, the fact that a Federation Trill/Betazoid could be the head of a Klingon House, and that he was bestowed such honors by the Chancellor himself. Once that proclamation had been made, the Klingon Empire had spared no expense in seeing him outfitting with the best, and trained as any Klingon Warrior should be.

He had more memories of pain and broken bones from his years on Qo'Nos then any other time in his life. He also had proof that he had been to a great many wild parties, though he couldn’t back that up with memory. He still had some scars of bite marks on his inner thigh though...

Such is what happens when one saves the Chancellor and his honor.

He put his left hand lightly on the dagger with the symbol of his house, and the representation of his honor, his D'ktang. He wasn’t overly nervous, he had no reason to be, he was only going to petition for the Strength of the Klingons to aid in his Cause, that being the Freedom and Honor of Starfleet and the Federation from a man who had a tight strange-hold. What was there to stress?

The doors opened and a Klingon with a staff slammed it hard against the stone floor. "Miador Tane, of the House of Tane, Ambassador of the Federation. Come forward and be heard by the Council."

Miador took a breath, this was it. He stepped forward into the darkness of the outer chamber and made his way forward to the Grand Audience Chamber.

The Council surrounded the great Throne that the Chancellor used for his seat. The only real lighting in the place was provided by Spotlights in that area. With dignity he stepped forward into the lights, his hand never left his D'ktang and his eyes never left the Chancellor. The Klingon had not changed noticeably in the two years he was gone, and his Empire was still secure.

"Ah, Tane." The Chancellor said in his native tongue of Klingon. "It is good to see you among my halls again."

Miador, who had spent more then a few years here, answered in as flawless Klingon as his throat could produce. "It is dark tidings that bring me before you, my Brother Chancellor." He said formally. "Deeds most dire have afflicted the Friends you keep, men of no honor seek to supplant the Starfleet and the Federation of which she serves. Even so, there are men that fight such honor-less dogs, and it is such men that I now serve."

He turned, slowly, to all the members of the council. "You all know me, my heart is pure and my anger in this, righteous. I request, I DEMAND, The strength of Klingon hearts and blades to join in combat with Admiral LoDona and fight the black scourge that threatens the beauty and strength of the Federation!"

It was straight forward, it was strong, and it was what he had come to say.

He finished his turn again facing the Chancellor, who wore a smirk of apparent satisfaction in his one-time student. Tane kept his own face neutral; it was the safest course in this. He *was* angry over the corruption of his own government, the abuse of her military forces, but to show to much righteous anger would weaken his own position. It was a paradox of Klingon society; really, one that Tane had taken a long time studying.

Before the Chancellor could say a word to his old protégé, another Klingon stepped forward. "I say no!" he bellowed in Klingon, "There is no proof that this Admiral Doenitz has done anything wrong. I name LoDona a coward for pulling back, and fouled in honor for fighting the rightful command of the Starfleet!"

Tane stiffened as several Klingons murmured amongst themselves. It had occurred to him on the trip here that Doenitz, as highly placed and influential he was, might have bought off a few Klingons on the council. The likelihood that a Klingon Counselor would actually disagree with his words was possible, but not likely. In either case, there was one good way to test the theory, one that might prove dangerous.

He loosened again and with infinite patience tilted his head back, and took a theatrical deep sniff of the air. "I smell... an honor-less lackwit," he finally said after 'tasting' the air. "I smell cowardice, I smell a fool who has been bought off." He tilted his head forward again and quirked his head slightly as he turned to face the speaker.

"I smell treachery."

The Klingon sneered, "You smell your imagination, I speak for the good of the Empire."

"If the good of the Empire is also the good of your personal finances, we might be in agreement. Tell me, lack-wit, how much were you paid?"

The sneer turned into a scowl, "You talk to much Traitor Scum, and you are speaking to your better, I am a Klingon... you are but a pretender!"

Tane snorted, "A rodent, you mean to call yourself. Mind your tongue before I have it out, you speak to a man who still follows his ideals and his honor, fool." Miador said with a voice that practically dripped disdain, very little of it feigned. "I have proven my metal, you dog, time and time again. I am Miador Tane of the House of TANE! I have placed my House's honor into the greatest fight I could, the defense of my home and ideals! You rule nothing more then a house of Whores!"

Tane's hand gripped his knife tightly; his tone hardened and his words shot out in short bursts. "How long has it been since you were bought, what kind of price did your honor have, how much latinum did it take to ignore the stain on your Family's name and go along? Tell me, honorless one, what were you promised?"

The mixed-breed smiled evilly, "It was probably to much for the support of such a worthless cur as yourself! I could probably re-buy your honor for fifty credits!" Tane reached into his robes and tosses several credit chips on the floor before the Klingon's feet. "There, you've been paid. Now get out of my sight, you disgust me!"

The Chancellor barked amusement and slapped his hand on the chair, but Tane wasn’t paying any attention. Both of his eyes were on the Klingon, who was huffing in anger. The Klingon screamed a battle cry and ripped a bat'leth from his back. Tane ripped his own away half a moment later and used it to block a hit that would have cleanly taken his had off his shoulders had he been a fraction of a second slower. Several other Counselors rushed forward to stop the fight, but unseen by Tane, the Chancellor waved them off. They took their places again as other Klingons grunted support for one or another of the combatants.

Miador had kept up with practice, he had known that one day he would be back in the Empire, but he had never been an expert at the weapon, he hadn’t grown up with such things and his Betazoid mother had been a pacifist. He had learned well enough, however, to keep this elderly Klingon at bay for a bit.

"My invalid mother fights me better then this!" he bellowed as he shoved away and attack and kicked at the Klingon. "Hell, I get more of a fight out of my pet dog!"

"The same dog you're trying to get a litter from, no doubt!" The Klingon bellowed back as he made yet another attack. The Elderly Counselor might have been old, but he definitely had strength, and Tane's arms were hurting after a bare minute of attack. His taunts continued unbroken however, and his Klingon opponent was getting ever angrier.

"No worse a littler then what your father produced!" he sneered.

It almost ended when Tane slipped on the stones of the floor and the Counselors blade made it past his defenses. Miador bellowed in pain and anger as his left arm flashed in pain, after being sliced nearly to the bone by the razor-edge of the others bat'leth. His eyes flashed and be bellowed his War-cry of "TANE!", the name of his house, and jumped forward to hit the Klingon with a flurry of blows.

The older Klingon backed up several steps under the berserker strength of Tane in righteous anger, and after several spark-producing blows, made his first mistake by being a fraction slow in blocking Tane's blade.

His first mistake, and his last.

Tane buried his blade deep into the chest of the armored warrior, and ducked a half-hearted blow a moment later from the gaping agent of Doenitz. He spit on the Klingon a moment before the Counselor fell to his Knees, and then yanked the blade out with all his strength. The Counselor covered the hole in his chest; his eyes locked on Tane in shock and denial, and then he fell over without ever uttering a word.

Miador spun on his heel amidst the turmoil and cheering of the Klingons.

Several raised their voices in a Death Knell, to speed the soul of the departed into the Hallowed Halls. The Counselor was simply sitting back laughing, pounding on the arm of his chair, hard enough that the robe of his office slipped off his shoulders.


The Chaos of the room absolutely erupted; battle-cries filled the room and general bellows echoed after them. Tane turned in a circle, letting the blood of his enemy drip onto his robe, as etiquette demanded in a situation such as this. He did so uncaring; his blood was pumping and his anger plain for all to see.

After several long moments he turned back to the Chancellor and brought the bat'leth down. He said nothing, he simply stared, defiance written in his face and Death written in his posture.

The Klingon Chancellor, a man he could honestly call his friend, the man who had made him head of a Klingon House, stood and brought both of his arms up to silence the Council again. Silence was slow in coming, but it came. The Chancellor took a few moments to look at the expressions written on the faces of his Council, and then looked back at Tane with an evil expression on his face.

"I have heard your words, Miador Tane. Let your Words be heard in the Empire, let your House be an example to the Klingon People. Let your anger and outrage join with ours and shake the very foundations of the galaxy!" He brought his arms down and in a louder voice continued, "For to long have we sat behind our safe borders, to long have we watched our Friends in the Starfleet fight their battles on their own. The Klingons stand by their word, and we have pledged to help defend the Federation as they have done with us! I judge that Admiral LoDona has honor and is fighting for the Greater Good, yet he is out-gunned! Let us add our strength to his struggle, let us unite with the brave and join their desperate and Glorious mission. Great battles awaits us, my people; let us not linger for Doenitz to strengthen his position. Let the very Gods tremble in fear before our united cause..."


The Council went absolutely mad; several rushed off to communications panels and to other parts of the Governmental building to give orders as the Chancellor stepped down from his podium to join the bleeding Ambassador.

"You have done well, my former student." He said as he took hold of Tane's good arm and directed him to walk with him. "Let us go, Brother, and plan our glorious victories! Together we will purge your Federation of its twice-d*mned Traitors."

And so, side by side; the Chancellor of the Klingon Empire and the Federation Ambassador left the Grand Audience chamber; while Ceremonial Drummers beat the mythic and savage Klingon Drums of War in a furious tattoo that echoed from the Great Tower and was sent via PA systems to every corner of the Capital City... and the Empire.

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