Omega Conspiracy

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The Omega Conspiracy was uncovered in 2408 by Captain Ahmed Ibn Salid of the USS Rosenante after he was given sensative information by Julman a Vorta commander.

The Conspiracy was simple in form although more complex in action. The basic plan was to develop a working Omega Device and then use it to force the Federation Government to turn over control of the United Federation of Planets or face anhilation.

The plan may well have worked had it not been for the untimely arrival of the ISS Rosenante which had been forced into the prime universe from their own Mirror Universe while testing an Omega device of their own.

The Mirror Universe Salid using his knowledge of the weapon's development in his own universe began to raid the secret facilites operated by the Omega Conspiracy, which left a trail of ruin that was easily followed by the Prime Universe Rosenante and her crew.

Eventually, the Prime Rosenante was joined by Captain Saleke commanding the Prometheus Class USS Furious in an attempt to prevent that launch of the newly rebuilt Omega Device.

After the battle, The Mirror Universe Salid negotiated for the return of his crew to the Mirror Universe by turning over all all the data he had seized in the raid of Station Omega.

This data named names and revealed a large number of conspirators directly involved in the Omega Conspiracy.

However in an unexpected turn of events the data was overturned by a JAG and Starfleet Intelligence review as inadmissable. The reason for this decision was due to the fact that several key members of the Conspiracy were apparently involved in operations against the Imperial Union of Planets and it was felt that the data was planted to discredit them.

An independent investigation is currently on going.

Two of the suspected members of the Conspiracy are Admiral Errol Heatherby and Commander Brian Romeo.

The Omega Conspiracy was seen in the USS Rosenante missions: Homecoming ,Into the Darkness, Go I and Equals and Opposites