Angeni Windsong-Trommashere

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Why hello there! You've stumbled across my own little slice of Paradise. I hope you enjoy your stay!

About Angeni:[edit]

Angeni is 27 years old, and she hails from a Cherokee Indian Reservation. She lived with her parents and brother until she was 14 years old when they were killed by an intruder. She was then adopted into the Trommashere Family by Marie and Bryson Trommashere, and their young daughter, Madison. The four lived happily together, and Angeni flourished, nurtured by her new surroundings.

Angeni was painfully shy, and people regarded her as a simple wallflower. Kids on the other hand were cruel and unusual to her, treating her as if she were below them.

She had a penchant for medicine, and she accelerated rapidly in the field. At sixteen she became one of the youngest EMT's in the state to run with a service. When she was eighteen, a few months before Paramedic school, she had an accident in her chemistry class that left her almost blind, and with Asthma.

Once in college, she transformed into a beautiful young woman, but she couldn't see it. She hid herself in a shroud of books and studies, but it paid off in the end with her graduating first in her class from pre-med school, and first in her class from Med school. In pre-med, she majored in Biology with a minor in Bio-Chemistry and Musical theater, but in Med School, she honed her skills and focused on two areas she accelled in: Neurology and Trauma Injuries.

Once out of medschool, she was trained and skilled in the discipline of Neurology/Neurosurgery and Trauma Surgery. She worked dilligently at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland, when the calling of Space became too great and she left her cozy job on Earth to work on the USS Mystique, currently serving as their Lt. Jg and their Cheif Medical Officer.

Angeni's hobbies include singing and playing the Violin, Piano, and Guitar respectively. She's also a second degree black belt in the Martial arts, training under the style of Tae Kwon-Do.

About Me:[edit]

Well now, My name is Kari, and I'm 20 years old. I live in Pennsylvania, and my current occupation is a Pharmacy Tech by day, while being an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and Firefighter by night. I'm also a Paramedic student. An interesting parallel between my Char and I, is that I to am a second degree black belt in Tae Kwon-Do, and I can play the piano, just not as well as she can...

I'm an avid TNG fan, as well as anything else Star Trek related.

I'm in Paramedic School right now, and once I'm done, I'm going back to Pre-med to finish out with my Bach. Deg. in Biology/Bio-Chemistry, so wish me luck!'s your taste of me and my char, hope you enjoyed!

L, ~K~ Wow, I get to make my own Wiki page! I hope to put some decent photos up shortly.

Main Stats[edit]

Full Name: Angeni Olathe Windsong-Trommashere

Age: 26

Eye Color: One would consider them to be multi-chromatic. In some lights, they appear to be a deep grey with flecks of gold and brown, in others, they reflect a honey brown hue.

Hair Color/Style: Long black hair that she keeps up in a respectable fashion while on duty.

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 165lbs, a slender, athletic shape.

Skin Color: Tawny Brown.

Full Physical Description: A tall, shy woman who isn't afraid to speak her mind when it comes to patient care. Her eyes hold the mysteries of her soul. She carries herself in a graceful manner that exudes both professionalism and a quiet sensualtiy. A faded scar makes its mark along the right side of her face from the jawbone to the eyebrow as well as another gracing her slender neck.

History, Education, Skills[edit]

As a young child, Angeni grew up in the beautiful wilderness surrounded by a very extended family. Her parents banded together with dozens of other families across the Earth to form their own community. It could have been considered a Reservation for Native Americans, most notably Cherokee. Her parents, Her parents, Niabi and Aiyana Windsong couldn't be happier to raise their children in the Old Ways while still letting them experience everything else that was out there for themselves. Angeni's life in medicine started out early. During the Maturation Ceremony, The Mother was consulted through the Shamen, and it was declaired that Angeni was to pursue one of the highest positions in the tribe, Medicine Woman.

At Age 14, Angeni's world came crashing down around her. Her parents had taken to offering shelter to vagrants until they got on their way or decided to contribute to the "Tribe". One of the people that the Windsongs took in was one who the authorites were looking for on suspician of murder. The Patriarch of the Family got wind of the situation, and in the midst of confronting the deranged individual, the man took Niabi's life, as well as the rest of the Windsong Clan, or so he had thought. Some Cherokee would say it was the protection of her Spirit Animal, Wa-ya the wolf, some say it was pure luck she managed to get out alive. Wandering around cold and shivering, the young girl looked for a place where she could feel safe. Finally, sucumbing to pure exhaustion and injury, the young girl laid down on a front porch in what she believed was the beginning of her journey to the eternal Mother.

The doorstep the young girl laid upon was one of Marie and Bryson Trommashere. The couple immediately took her in and without hesitation called her their own, allowing her to keep her original name. She lived with them until she went off to College, but, she still kept returning to where she called home.. She has a sister named Madison, and a Chow/Huskey mix of a dog named Baxter.


Angeni attended Starfleet Academy, and then Starfleet Medical School where she studied and excelled at Traumatic Injury, specialized in Traumatic Injury involving the Central Nervous System, and medicine of the galaxy. Back on earth, before the academy, she went to Johns Hopkins to get her doctorate of Trauma/Brain Surgery on Earth. Before Johns Hopkins, she spent four years at Cheyney University getting her bachelors degree in Psychology and Biochemistry. Before Cheyney, she went to Centers for Emergency Medicine for her Paramedics Certification, and even before that, at her home with her "Tribe", she was trained as a Cherokee Medicine Woman.

Medical History[edit]

Angeni's medical history included one of a repaired Carotid Artery and a Compound Fracture to the left Radius and Ulna after the attack as a child. In the hospital after the attack, she suffered a bout of Pneumonia that left her Mitral Valve weakened. She managed to stay away from the ER. In 11th grade, a chemistry accident left her night blind, but she is still able to function in most situations that are put before her, none of them precluding her from serving in Starfleet.

Various scars and what not that she has are all from time served so far in Starfleet, most notably the scar on her face from a Hostage Situation that left both physical and mental scars. Trommashere left Starfleet for a period of time due to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder that morphed into a Dissociative Identity Disorder which was classified as Multiple Personality Disorder. With proper treatment, the Young Doctor was given a clean bill of health and sent back to serve in Starfleet.

Skills and Accomplishments[edit]

Angeni is an athletic girl. At home, through her biological and adoptive parents she was trained in Archery, Bow Staff, and Running. While living with Marie and Bryson exclusively, she learned how to sing and play the piano well, and she also acheived the level of second degree black belt in the martial arts. Other skills she has are: Rug Weaving, a license in Emergency Medicine, and a great memory that aids her in remembering where things are placed, in case the light goes out, and she is unable to see. Also, through no consequence of a medical problem or abnormality, she would consider herself to have a slightly above average sense of smell and hearing. Trommashere would consider that to be more genetic than anything. She is also an accomplished Horse Back Rider and Rock Climber.