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"It is a foul time indeed when the same uniform and oath hides both traitors, and patriots. Such a time has come upon us, a time we must choose who is our friend; those that would help us preserve the Federation, from those that would simply remake it into a twisted shell of its previous glory. I have spent my life defending our borders, and protecting the enduring philosophy that has become our way of life. In good conscience, I can no longer stand idly by as forces of evil and ambition rip apart the very foundation of the Federation. We no longer have anywhere to hide; we cannot turn blindly away and pray for the best any longer, we must stand our ground once and for all time. We are the Front lines, on the first of many battlegrounds, and we are the last line of defense. If we fail, we will be left with naught but oblivion."
— Admiral LoDona

The Federation Civil War is a conflict between forces loyal to Admiral LoDona and forces loyal to Admiral Doenitz. The 52nd Fleet and the Klingon Empire is the primary group of ships fighting for LoDona.

Brief Overview

The Federation has entered a dark period in history.

After learning of a secret plot within the very Admiralty of Starfleet to take over the Federation and remake it after their image, Robert LoDona vowed that he would fight to the end in order to save Starfleet, the Federation and the philosophies which had defined their way of life for centuries. He ordered his fleet; the 52nd Exploratory, to a new position deep in the Beta Quadrant at a Terminus of the Subspace River and declared open hostilities against certain Admirals in Starfleet and their ideals.

He did not make the hostilities known to the Federation-at-large, the specter of full scale Civil War was disheartening at best, and he deemed it prudent to save the Federation and her member-worlds the strife as long as Starfleet could handle the matter internally. However, he prepared contingency plans should the Federation learn of the conflict and be plunged into Civil War.

The future is not yet known, the 52nd fleet has much to do, and few resources to use. The area of space to which Admiral LoDona relocated is almost completely unknown, and must be fully explored and secured as their base of operations. The subspace river has a termination point there, reason unknown. And there is plenty of evidence suggesting that there are several highly evolved races of aliens in the local area.

In late 2406, Doenitz began a campaign attacking civillians on key federation words in an attempt to find people loyal to LoDona. LoDona declared war and it now became an actual war.

These are dark times, unpredictable times. There are new areas of space to explore and a civil war to fight with elements of their very own forces. This is the first of many battlegrounds for the future of the Federation. Only the willful will succeed, only the strong will survive.

Time Line of Events


  • Vice-Admiral Robert LoDona takes command of Freedom Squadron when Admiral Greeley is sent to Earth for reassignment.
  • An unstable wormhole opens, staying open only long enough for a Sovereign class ship to come through. The ship is the USS Paladin, commanded by Captain Straton, from an Alternate universe just after the 'Dominion Wars' and running many years behind. The ship is scrapped and the crew reassigned after debriefing.
  • Starbase Geneva is completed and commissioned by SCADO 12, Station Geneva is abandoned and destroyed.
  • Vice-Admiral Robert LoDona becomes commander of the 52nd exploratory fleet and is promoted to Full Admiral.
  • Starbase Geneva, USS Nimitz, USS Wraith, USS Freedom, USS Boudicca and the Cochrane Research Facility are assigned to the 52nd Fleet. Cochrane Research Facility is later transfered to a Meredith Class Starship, which is renamed USS Cochrane.
  • The USS Nimitz is chosen for a secret archeological mission, and disappears from all official channels for a month, before reappearing at Earth for debriefing and to challenge Admiral Doenitz, who tried to have her destroyed.
  • Admiral LoDona pulls all ships in his fleet to former 'Freedom Squadron' space and sends a complete list of proof and condemnations to various officials within Starfleet, the Federation, and every Fleet Commander, regarding the activites of Admiral Rodrigo Doenitz. Thus begins the conflict.
  • Admiral Doenitz takes control of the office of the President of the Federation. The former President, Rondar Nell, disappears. He is believed killed or captured, but in actuality, he disappeared.

Before War Declaration

  • Admiral LoDona orders the entire fleet further into Beta Quadrant and launches a Civil War with select members of the Starfleet Admiralty. See 52nd Fleet Pullout.
  • The USS Mithrandir is attacked during a diplomatic mission and her crew offloaded. The crew later regains control and makes its way back to Geneva with many casualties.
  • The Boudicca is attacked by two ships loyal to Admiral Doenitz.
  • The Nimitz engages a Doenitz-Controlled anti-matter transport and escorts the stolen anti-matter to Spacedock Phoenix.
  • Several other small battles are fought, ship-to-ship. Only one large battle is fought, near Starbase Geneva, which results in the destruction of a dozen ships and the capture of several others. This battle is looked upon favorably by the Klingons, and the Ambassador Miador Tane, a former Ambassador to the Klingons and part of the 52nd's rebellion, is sent to Qo'Nos for negotinations.
  • The Klingon Empire officially declares War on Admiral Doenitz's Regime and joins Admiral LoDona in his crusade. Klingon ships begin pouring into 52nd Controlled Space in the weeks that follow.
  • Admiral Doenitz disbands the Federation Senate, disposes the President of the Federation, and declares himself "President Doenitz"
  • Doenitz begins a campaign of war against Andoria, Betazed, Vulcan, Tellar. See Battle of Andoria for more information and the result of these battles.
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After War Declaration

  • War was declared when Doenitz forces bombed several Federation worlds. The forces under LoDona began an active war, and all Starfleet officers were ordered to carry phasers with them at all times.
  • Rumors that Rondar Nell is still alive escape. Doenitz begins dispatching commando teams to have him killed or captured.
  • A Doenitz-loyal ship, the USS Montcalm, comes out of warp near Starbase Geneva. It is seriously damaged. The crew of Geneva repairs the ship, but only so they can go Warp Factor 1 and disables the weapon systems. Then they take the Montcalm's commanding officers has prisoners of war.
  • Several Task-Forces were formed, primarily around the Boudicca, Paladin and Nimitz, and campaigns are begun into Federation Space
  • The USS Spectre is sent to find and recover Rondar Nell.
  • The USS Paladin is called to investigate a plague on Beta Aquari III, and sucessfully repels an invasion force trying to take the planet.
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Politics of War

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