USS Templar

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USS Templar
Launched 8235.1
Sovereign Class
The USS Templar NCC–1745
Templar plaque.jpg
Crew Roster
Command Staff
Captain Jackson, Commanding Officer
Operations Staff
Lieutenant S'yes, Chief of Operations
Lieutenant Rozen, Communications Officer
Medical Staff
Lieutenant Commander Tirrit, Chaplain
Lieutenant Bruce, Chief Counselor
Lieutenant Conley, Asst. CMO
Ensign M'Epak, Nurse
Tactical & Security Staff
Lieutenant Raschen, Chief Tactical Officer
Lieutenant Signos, Chief Security Officer/3O
Engineering Staff
Science Staff
Ensign 'Aisha, Science Officer
Other Starfleet Staff
Petty Officer Barrow, Yeoman
Starfleet Command
Rear Admiral Matrix, Strategic Operations
Flight Operations
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The USS Templar (NX-87651) is a vessel serving in the fleet of the United Federation of Planets. The vessel is a prototype class of vessel which has been used as a test bed for new starship weapons, systems and drives. The vessel boasts the latest offensive and defensive systems, some of which were later implemented in the USS Rosenante.

The ship is part of the Omega Conspiracy and seems to be operating primarily in the Ikev Sector. According to records recovered from Station Omega the Templar may have made stops at Bardon Alpha, Hexikor Prime, and Kabor Prime while assisting with the building of an Omega Device.

The ship is the prototype of the Templar Class and has not yet been cleared for general production by the ASDB.

This vessel is mentioned but not seen in the USS Rosenante Mission: Into the Darkness, Go I