USS Spectre (NCC-8741)

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USS Spectre
Launched 2380.07.16
Spectre Class
Explorer/Refit Interceptor
The USS Spectre NCC–8741
Spectre Plaque.jpg
Crew Roster
Command Staff
Captain T'Vhor, Commanding Officer
Lieutenant Commander Verin, First Officer
Lieutenant Palmer, Second Officer
Operations Staff
Ensign Smith, Operations Officer
Ensign Alexander, Operations Officer
Medical Staff
Commander Andrew Williams, Chief Medical Officer
Lieutenant Kirien-Mias, Medical Research
Ensign Caras, Counselor
Ensign Rivers, Assistant CMO
Chief Petty Officer Douwsy, Chief Nurse
Tactical & Security Staff
Lieutenant Kerge, Tactical/Security Chief
Lieutenant Smith, Security Officer
Ensign Davies, Security Officer
Ensign Yates, Security Officer
Ensign Fairfield, Security Officer
Ensign Drake, Asst. Tactical Chief
Ensign Darpeg, Asst. Tactical Chief
Ensign Sorenson, Asst. Tactical/Security Chief
Engineering Staff
Lieutenant Commander Williams, CEO
Ensign Markell, Asst. Chief Engineer
Ensign Brannigan, Asst. Chief Engineer
Ensign Smith, Engineering Officer
Chief Petty Officer Biign, Engineering Crew
Science Staff
Lieutenant Palmer, Chief Science Officer
Ensign O'Hara, Asst. Chief Science Officer
Starfleet Command
Rear Admiral Sevant, Fleet Strategic Operations
Major Kowalski, Marine Executive Officer
First Lieutenant Smith, Marine
Second Lieutenant Kindell, Marine
Corporal O'Hara, Marine Demolitions Expert
Corporal Houseman, Marine Sniper
Flight Operations
Ensign Smith, CONN Officer
Mei Ling Hikaru, Bartender
Mark, House Pet
New Faces
Cry Havoc and Let Slip the Dogs of War
R n R
The Opened Gates of Prometheus
The Gates of Prometheus
When Poachers Come to Call
Emissary on the Edge of Tomorrow
The Sword of Damocles
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The USS Spectre is the first Spectre Class starship to be launched, serving the 52nd Fleet under command of Captain T'Vhor.

Fleet Update[edit]

Ships Log, Lt Remae Ktell, Acting First Officer and Chief Engineering Officer Stardate 2414.10.16

Remae found a quiet corner of the transporter room and opened a comm-channel to the computer. He had a moment to log a status report.

“First Officers Log, supplemental. We’re attempting to retrieve the away teams of our Marines that are stuck on the Garallon.”, he said before looking at the time, he had a few more moments.

“In order to location the team, we had to send a massive signal for the dish, we burnt it out but we were about to arrange a transporter sequence that will grab anyone on their pad and beam them over.”, said the FO knowing that they were beaming in the dark but it was their best shot.

“As soon as they team is over, the Spectre will have to leave the void... with us already tractoring the warp core of the Garallon, I don’t see how we can also rescue the Garallon as well, at least, not this time.”, Remae looked over at the transporter chief, he nodded, it was time.

The transporter beam energised...

Current Mission Overview[edit]

To follow...

Status Report[edit]

"Captain's log - Stardate 2414.10.14"

After arriving at the perimeter of the Tsinkada Void and finding no trace of the Garallon, we have now proceeded into the expanse. Tension is high in this place, a presence of some kind appearing to shadow us and interacting with the conscious minds of the crew in a manner that defies logic. Dr Riven has managed to create a psi bubble to protect us from the effects of this presense and has assembed what can only be termed, a 'telepathic relay', between those of the crew that possess such abilities, myself included, in order to bolster its efficacy.

Initial scans via our Class 2 probe have identified what appears to be a warp signature, but the size of that signature excludes the possibility that we are seeing the Garallon. It is my belief that what we are seeing is its warp core, although why it has been jetisoned I can only speculate at this moment in time.

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Ship's History[edit]

The USS Spectre is what is known as a Black Ops vessel, this means that when a mission calls for covert operations, particularly beyond enemy lines or in enemy space, the Spectre is the ship that is called upon. She is unique in the fleet in that she is fitted with a phased cloak in order that she may carry out these most special of missions.

The Spectre fought the "war without a fleet", in the Federation Civil War.

She is currently under the command of Captain T'Vhor who was promoted to Captain after her previous Captain Remae Ktell was involved in a landmine incident on the occupied planet Betazed which cruelly robbed him of his lower limbs.

Registry Number and Current Configuration[edit]

USS Spectre NCC 8741 Designated Explorer/Refit Interceptor Starbase 968

Specific Mission Timeline[edit]

2407.01.17 - The USS Spectre mounts an away team mission on Betazed under the command of Captain Remae K'Tell to retrieve Debora Ansara, the niece of Federation renegade Admiral Rodrigo Doenitz. The Mission is a success but Captain Remae suffers an accident resulting in the loss of his lower limbs and is duly medically incapacitated from duty. First Officer T'Vhor assumes command of the Spectre.

2407.02.02 - As a direct response to information received during the Betazed retrieval mission, the Spectre is ordered into Romulan space under DOA (denial of awareness) clause, it's mission, to find and retrieve the usurped Federation President, Rondar Nell.

2407.02.05 - Rondar Nell is found living in a forested camp on Carraya IV and is subsequently transferred to the Boudicca.

2407.04.15 - Reports to 52nd fleet command signify that Captain Talasario of the Doenitz loyal vessel USS Alacrity, intends to defect with a significant intelligence database along with four other vessels. The USS Spectre is ordered to the Arachnid Nebula to effect rendezvous and assessment of the situation.

2407.06.29 - The USS Spectre successfully negotiates terms of ITD and the USS Alacrity, Swansea, Cathay, Wilhelm Steinitz and Kissimee form a specific battle group alongside the Klingon Vessels IKS B'Quaj'ah, Ha'Quj, Tong, Pach and the SuvwL'Vaj.

2407.07.09 - The new alliance battle group consisting of the above joins the battle at the MDP resulting in the fall of Starbase Valhalla.

2408.02.04 - Spectre Mission. 'The Gates of Prometheus' - Heading out for an encounter with the Borg, and an adventure with time.

2413 - Spectre Mission. 'Cry Havok and Let Slip the Dogs of War' - A waterworld, narcotic agents, bandits and a very special vessel await us in a mission that will throw the Spectre into uncharted, and unimaginable conditions that go against it's very design!

2414.03.10 - 'Slipstream' - Mystery, intrigue and danger lurk aboard a research station apparently devoid of life, but hiding a multi-dimensional mystery that is beyond belief itself.

More then One?[edit]

Yes, there is more then one USS Spectre buzzing around, 3 in the current universe, I wanted to get 1 back from the Alt Timeline Utopia Planitia the last time we played it, circa 2402-2404, of course, we brought it in the current timeline along with all the members of Utopia Planitia, gee... confusing much?

The other Spectres? At least one of them is a long, long way away in the Gamma Quadrant, if memory serves... the other? No idea, maybe I need to think something up? :)

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