USS Champlain

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USS Champlain
Launched 2407.03.02
Destroyed 2407.07.09
The USS Champlain NCC–2170-C


Galaxy Class Variant
Long-Range Explorer
  • Missions
Worlds Once Lost
The Hephaestus Principle
Beyond Vengeance
Do Not Go Gentle

Dedication plaque by Daniel Greene.

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The USS Champlain was a starship of the Galaxy Class Variant. She was assigned to the 52nd Fleet, where her primary mission was to explore the areas of space surrounding the sector controlled by the 52nd Fleet.

She had a fairly short career, however, as she was assigned to join Task Force 19 on their fated mission to conduct a offensive push against Sector 001.

As a powerful vessel, the Champlain was designated the task force leader of Assault Force Charlie, and was commanded by Captain Susan Rivers.

Although the battle was successful, the Champlain suffered a catastrophic warp core failure and was destroyed during the battle. The members of her crew that survived were reassigned to other ships serving in the fleet.

The Original Technical Specifications for the Champlain are maintained on-line for research purposes.

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