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2414 Rosenante Crew Silhouettes by Frank Truelove
From Left to Right: Salid, Soma, Sanok, Caskie, Fisher, Davis, Fraiser, O'Ren, Fuller, Nunez, Signos, Matrix, O'Neill, Viskhard, Lanista, Maddox, McLaren, Sullivan, Jackson, Raschen, Talix, Dralar, Xim, Rosenbauer, Nayeli
USS Rosenante
Launched 2408.01.07
The USS Rosenante NCC–924650


Rosenante Class
Long-Range Explorer
  • Crew Roster
  • Command Staff
  • Operations Staff
  • Medical Staff
  • Counseling Staff
  • Tactical & Security Staff
  • Engineering Staff
  • Science Staff
  • Flight Operations Staff
  • Other Starfleet Staff
  • Retired Staff
  • Missions
Picking up the Pieces
A Fine and Private Place
Letters of Marques
Fields of Elysium
Into the Darkness, Go I
Equals and Opposites
The Quondam Season
The Gilded Man
Touch of the Eidolon
Just Another Saturday Night
Once More Into The Breach
Personal Logs
The Third Law
The Captain's Cotillion
The Veil of the Sky
A Port in the Storm
The Raven's Nest
Through the Looking Glass
Sensory Overload
Lest We Forget

Rosenante image from STO, Bellerophon class starship.
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Dedication plaque by Bosshard.

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The USS Rosenante is a starship currently serving in the Starfleet of the United Federation of Planets. The ship was launched in 2408, and at the time was the only ship of the Rosenante Class. She is currently assigned to the 52nd Fleet. Her Original design was as a privateer, and she was initally to be deployed by Admiral Doenitz to be used against those that opposed him. However the vessel could not be deployed before the end of the Federation Civil War. As a result the Rosenante was captured at Utopia Planitia immediately after the Battle of Sector 001. She has since been refitted and reclassified as a long-range Explorer. Her original designs specifications were part of the controversial Chimera Directive. The vessel's core design encompasses 28 decks. USS Rosenante Deck Plans are available to those with appropriate security clearance.

The crew of the USS Rosenante is considered to be one of the most diversely crewed ships in the fleet. The Officers who serve aboard her come from a wide variety of backgrounds and worlds, each bringing their own unique perspectives and experiences to the overall performance of the ship. There are personnel both old and new aboard ship who all strive together to overcome the challenges and risks that the universe throws at them. They are explorers, lovers and warriors all dedicated to the betterment of the United Federation of Planets and it's principles.

The Rosenante has completed a 5-year survey mission in Sector 6309, which is considered strategically crucial for the potential expansion of the United Federation of Planets. This mission is reminiscent of the 5-year survey missions conducted by the Constitution Class starships of the 2200's.

The Rosenante was badly damaged during mission Sensory Overload and is now at Starbase 989 for extended repairs. Part of the crew, including the new CO Sanok, have been transferred to a brand new ship, the USS Starfire.

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