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The Federation Gaming Network is a Star Trek Simulation and the parent game of Star Trek: Freedom.

(More to add, the FGN and the breakup.)

History of the FGN[edit]

The Dream. How it started, what it was.[edit]

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The First Breakup and the creation of FGN: Freedom Squadron[edit]

Leaving the Federation Gaming Network, FGN: Freedom Squadron becomes 'Freedom Squadron'[edit]

Why Leave?[edit]

(To be Written)

Annoucement to the FGN & Freedom[edit]

After the vote for dissolution, J Trout as Game CO sent the following note to the FGN and FGN: Freedom Squadron:

As of this day, the 29th of July; the Council and Command Staff with the added approval of the players of FGN: Star Trek : Freedom, have decided and voted to dissolve all ties to the FGN and its affiliates.

Henceforth; Star Trek : Freedom shall be its own game, using its own resources, and have no ties in name or practice to the Federation Gaming Network.

The decision to leave was not taken lightly, and the reasons were manifold. However, a lack of cooperation from FGN high command in terms of the mailing lists and webspace is cited as two of the deciding factors. Star Trek : Freedom is completely capable of, and has already in practice been, handling its own affairs in a reasonable and worthwhile manner.

It is requested that all resources and pages devoted to Star Trek : Freedom be removed from the FGN Web Server. We will have already made the switch completely to our server by the time this notice is sent

Know that we as a gaming community do not hold a grudge of any sort against the FGN or the persons contained within. Several of our players have PC's in Vanguard, and they would like to keep them. I would hope that personal opinions and concerns would not force those players to choose between the FGN and Star Trek : Freedom, both institutions would loose in the end.

~J. Trout

SqnCO, Star Trek : Freedom