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Jo Smith is a Security Officer on the USS Spectre

Character Physical Description[edit]

Eye Colour Brown

Hair Colour Brown

Height 4 foot 11

Weight 103 IBS

Blood Colour Red

Skin Colour Slight tan

Physical Description[edit]

She is a short tough woman. With hard face and an unflinching stare. Has short dark hair and brown eyes.

History, Education and Skills[edit]

Family and Background[edit]

Her family have always been in the Marines. Both parents are high ranking officers. Has younger brothers and sisters who have joined the Marines and Starfleet.


Had an ordinary primary and secondary education until joining the Marines.

Pre-Starfleet History[edit]

Starfleet History[edit]

Joined the marines as a Rifleman and specialised in demolitions. Became a Combat/Field Engineer and was posted to the 2nd Assault Company "Flying Fox's". She progressed through the ranks and became an Officer. She then joined the Special Ops and Black Ops units. She was picked to join SFI as a Field Agent.

Medical History[edit]

Lots of burns and scrapes from working with demolitions. Had major reconstructive surgery to arms and legs due to an explosive device she was disabling detonated.


Expert in small arms, demolition and most weapons found in the Alpha/Beta quadrant. Has great fun in blowing things up. Expert in close quarter fighting and maneouvers. Expert in armed and unarmed combat.

Other Information[edit]


Likes to go Running, Swimming, practice Weapons and explosives.

General Notes[edit]


Smiths Family In Star Fleet[edit]

Kenneth Smith

Robert Smith

Jennifer Smith

Scott Smith

Kenneth Smith
Name: Jo Smith
Rank: Ltjgtacsec.jpg
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Age: 35
Position: Security Officer
Ship: USS Spectre
Status: Active