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Lieutenant Jon Nayati
Lieutenant Jon Nayati
Name: Jon Nayati
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Necron Red II
Species: Human
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Height: 5 foot 7.6
Weight: 287 lbs
Blood Color: Red
Skin Color: Red
Current rank: Lieutenant
Current Position: Third Officer/Chief Counselor
Assignment: USS Rosenante
The USS Rosenanté NCC–924650
Status: Active "Fields of Elysium"

Physical Description:[edit]

Jon is a powerfully built male of Hopi Indian ancestry and is handsome. Jon has large piercing and intense eyes, moves with fluidly dangerous grace, and seems to be attentively observing others. Jon has a friendly smile and an easygoing demeanor.


Jon is oldest son of a renowned Warrior Woman and a wise Medicine Man father. Has four younger sisters, one a well respected Hunter, one an aspirating Medicine Woman and, the two youngest, are studying traditional tribal Seers. Jon and his people have a physiology that is denser and stronger than Earth normal due to the heavier gravity world of Necron Red II.


In a school for teens, he learned about physics, chemistry, math, to read and write, including 21st century English, and discovered that he had a penchant for helping others solve their problems. With the advent of puberty, Jon's personal psychic gifts manifested as the abilities to see auras of living things and telepathy. It was these manifested gifts that caused him to change his focus from being a Shaman to being a Wise Man or Counselor. He then attended one of NCRII's best Tribal Nation Colleges for higher education in Advanced Counseling and further refinement of his particular psychic gifts. As was the traditional custom, upon graduation, his adult, tribal name was then changed to Jon ˜True-Sight Thought-Speaker" Nayati.

Pre Starfleet:[edit]

Before he went to school for a formal education, Jon was trained by his father in the shamanic uses of native plants and animals for holistic healing. He learned a good deal about planetary ecology and human survival.


Jon left Necron Red because he wanted to learn about the psychology of other races and species. He was interested in all of the other alien life forms out there, both sentient and non sentient. He joined Starfleet at age 26 out of college. In the Academy he demonstrated good knowledge of the bureaucracy of the ˜tribe" Starfleet. He developed the ability to read sensors and pilot small craft. He majored in xenopsychology and xenobiology in his efforts to gain understanding. He learned advanced techniques in armed and unarmed combat.


He has suffered physical injuries going out into the cold deserts to gain understanding. At one point his arm was broken.


Jon enjoys reading exobiology, xenobiology, and things related to shamanistic cultures throughout the galaxy. He collects music from different planetary cultures and races. Jon does mental and physical exercises to develop his shamanic gift and physical prowess. He spends time on the target range shooting phasers and bow and arrows. Jon would like to date females and is heterosexual. He has no racial bias against any race in particular, except for compatibility for romantic.


Due to planetary conditions, Jon and his people have developed 63% greater strength and speed, night vision and resistance to cold. They all have a sixth sense for imminent danger. Jon has individual gifts of telepathy much as the Vulcan Spock demonstrated. They refer to their mindmelds as mindfusion Jon can read the auras of plants, people and animals which are normally and naturally radiated by all living things. He can detect indications through individual auras of people's emotional state, their relative state of health, and with effort he can detect disguised beings. Observing auras also allows him to detect the presence of androids, Borg and other such nonliving imitative creatures since the mechanical parts would not have a living aura. Shapeshifters would have an aura different, though readily discernible, than other beings and if disguised as a rock or wall would be emitting an aura which would give them away. Jon also might detect the presence of any non corporeal beings by their own version of any aura they would emit.


Nayati is Jon's family name. 'True-Sight Thought-Speaker' is Jon's adult tribal name that he earned based on his particular endowments.


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Awards and Commendations[edit]