Tollian Yalix

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Lieutenant Tollian Yalix
Lieutenant Tollian Yalix
Name: Tollian Yalix
Age: 34
Gender: Male
Birthplace: City of Xarix, Efros
Species: Efrosian
Eye Color: White
Hair Color: White
Height: 5 foot 9
Weight: 70 kg
Blood Color: Dark Orange
Skin Color: Orange tinted
Current rank: Lieutenant
Current Position: Assistant Chief Operations Officer
Assignment: USS Boudicca
The USS Rosenanté NCC–924650
Status: Active

Physical Description:[edit]

Tollian is athletic and tone. He possesses the customary long white hair and White ˜Fu-Manchu- Mustache commonly worn by male members of his species. He has white iris', an uncommon color for his race, often considered a desirable trait. Other species tend to think that he is Blind. This could not be further from the case. In fact, Efrosians have the ability to detect Infrared and Ultraviolet wavelengths of light as well as the visible spectrum.


Tollian is the only son of Karos Yalix, a diplomat with the Federation Trade Council and Posha Yalix a Political Analyst. Both of Tollian’s parents work in the Doenitz government, despite the fact that they do not agree with the current regime. Karos continues to carry out his duties while his wife focuses her analysis on Federation member worlds.


Tollian joined Starfleet with the intention of lessening the cultural differences and misunderstandings between his people and the other members of the Federation. He studied Cultural Science at the famed Efrosian Institute of Sciences, where he was granted an advanced Degree in Comparative Religion and Xenoculture.


Tollian grew up on Efros Prime and enjoyed a rich and enjoyable childhood. He would sometimes accompany either of his parents on their official duties for months on end. This travel and the excitement of meeting new species drew the boy into a desire to join Starfleet. He enjoyed a loving and encouraging family structure.


After graduation from the Academy, Tollian joined the Diplomatic Corps. He acted as a Starfleet Liaison officer to the diplomatic overtures with the Denosians and the Kartonians. Both delegations were successful in establishing diplomatic relations and trade agreements. After his time in the Diplomatic Corps, Tollian attended command training and Bridge certification courses at Starfleet Academy and served for 1 year as a junior command officer aboard the USS Tolstoy-B. NCC-62095. When warnings came from his parents that something was happening at the highest levels of Federation government, Tollian transferred to the 52nd Fleet as a junior logistics officer. He was assigned to Starbase Geneva. He assisted in the logistical planning of several fleet level engagements with Doenitz forces in the early years of the Civil War although his role was exceptionally minor. Wishing to do more for the cause, he has requested transfer to a ship of the line and as a result was transferred to the USS Kitty Hawk. Later he was assigned to the USS Boudicca.


Tollian contracted a case of Rigelian Fever while on a mission to Tolas IV. The disease is recurrent, and he takes regular booster shots to prevent a resurgence of the disease. He has not suffered any other serious illnesses. He has also never suffered significant physical trauma.


Tollian loves experiencing other Cultures and can often be found on a Holodeck experiencing various cultural events from around the Quadrant, from weddings to funerals and several things in between. His interest makes him exceptionally knowledgeable about cultural taboos and rituals. Tollian enjoys cross country running, swimming and rock climbing. He also enjoys marksmanship and can be found on the phaser range practicing his phaser skills. He sometimes participates in Historical simulations of Starship battles, to better prepare himself for the realities of Starship combat.


Tollian is an excellent planner and administrator. He is excellent at logistical planning and a consummate analyst. As a command rated officer, he has commanded small groups of officers and been directly involved in the initiation of diplomatic contacts with two species. He is a competent and capable officer. Tollian is not an engineer, nor is he a science officer. He has an excellent base of both Engineering and Science skills, but cannot support advanced scientific or engineering skills. He has an excellent understanding of Ship operations and logistics. He is foremost an command branch administrator.


Tollian has been promoted for his service as a diplomat during trade negotiations and as a logistics planner with the 52nd Fleet. He currently holds the Rank of Lieutenant JG. The image above was taken during a simulation of a famous Starship Battle Circa 2143.

Awards and Commendations:[edit]


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