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Introduction to Star Trek : Freedom
"You all... disappeared... at a delicate time for the Federation. You might recall a war we waged, that trifling matter that engaged our attention for a year?" he asked, in only slightly sarcastic terms. "Look at it this way, the cream of the rebel crop suddenly up and vanished like a fart in the wind, not long after the... uh... trials had begun.

You all scared the hell out of the poor bastards at Starfleet Command, and I'm fairly sure the President and his cabinet suffered a case of explosive anal leakage once news reached them. So, when I ask 'Where the hell have you been?’, What I really meant was 'Are any of you aware of the hell you've raised, do you know WHY you were taken, and is this part of a plot to undermine the authority of Starfleet and the Federation?’. I thought I’d put it in polite terms, perhaps I was mistaken in this endeavor. I assure you, I will not make the same mistake twice.”

~Admiral Robert LoDona (ret) on the arrival of the 52nd Fleet, Stardate: 2413.09.23

The War is Over...
That which was began in anger has settled into an uneasy peace. The ravages of war, which nearly destroyed the Federation, have only begun to be repaired. Billions lay dead under the dust of fifty planets, their memories and legacy bright in the thoughts of the living. Starfleet, under the watchful eye of a government paranoid about its military institution, struggles to rebuild its ships and regain the trust it lost under the Military Dictatorship of Admiral Doenitz.

The Rebels, at first hailed as heroes, are now eyed with the same anger and hatred as the men who subverted the government in the first place. Their pleas for clemency drowned out by the weeping voices of mothers and wives whose children were lost in the heat of battle.

Trials of War Crimes and Misconduct spread rapidly through the fleet, bringing with them feelings of resentment from soldiers who gave their all for survival of the Federation. Distrust and resentment... anger and fear... fueled by the sudden disappearance of the very fleet which started the War. For reasons unknown, the 52nd Fleet disappeared and left the war-torn Federation to lick its wounds on its own.

And five years later, amidst a storm of controversy, they reappeared. Each Captain told a story of mystery, of spacial anomalies and time jumps. But who believes them? Teams of scientists, security guards and Admirals have sought the truth, but truth is not always as expedient as lies in the Halls of Government. And those who plot can always find use for a fleet shrouded in distrust...

The Playing World
The World of Star Trek: Freedom has changed. The War is over, yet the Federation still groans under the injuries it sustained. Five years have passed since the Captains of the rebel fleet struck at Earth, and distrust lingers thickly.

The 52nd Fleet has again been assigned to the sector of space it inhabited so long ago, at the terminus of the Subspace River. Months away at High Warp, weeks away by the River, they have been tasked with finishing the mapping and exploration that they never had a chance to start when they chose their sector as a base of operations during wartime. Starfleet is still rebuilding, the fleet has built many small ships for exploration purposes, but no other vessel had made it to where the 52nd Fleet had once staged its raids. Therefore, the space at this far terminus is still pristine and untouched, unmapped, unseen by Federation eyes.

There are those who think that the 52nd Fleet, being so far away from the center of power, will hinder any delusions of Grandeur the Admirals and Captains of the 52nd might hold: if indeed there are any delusions to be had. Yet there are those who still remember that the 52nd was the first to rise up in rebellion all those years before, even given their distance. The fleet will be watched continually for any signs of rebellion, for any hint that their five year exodus was a ruse designed to destabilize a government already close to tipping.

Will the men and women of the 52nd fleet survive in a world filled by distrust? Can they help bring the Federation out of the darkness which has consumed it? Will the Federation's neighbors decide that this would be the perfect time for an invasion, while the government and the people of the federation are distracted?

Only time will tell.