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Albatross Organisation Database [[Image:|centre|120px]]
Who We Are: A.O: History A.O: Mandate and Mission A.O: Structure
What We Do: A.O: Emergency Humanitarian Response
Where We Work: Albatross Organisation Operational Areas
Starbases: Mariner Orbital Station Mariner Ship Yards Starbase Alpha Quadrant Starbase Beta Quadrant
Fleet: Emergency Response Unit
Emergency Appeal


Denebian Phage

The Albatross Organisation is a Non-Governmental Organisation which responds rapidly and efficiently to the needs of people who are affected by armed conflicts or by natural disasters. It also covers salvage and recovery as well as emergency rescue. It has been active since the early part of 2383 and now has Emergency Response Units spread across to Alpha and Beta quadrant ready for emergency deployment. Although it is an independent organization it dose work closely with Starfleet Disaster Response incoordination and response of relief efforts.