BCSS Kodess

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BCSS Kodess
Launched 2383.11.20
The BCSS Kodess NCC-924701

Gor Taan Class
  • Missions
Family Feud
Into the Looking Glass

Current Mission Overview

Transporting the delegates to Khitomerr with a stop over at Earth from the Breen home world to finalise negotiations for a more cordial relationship. Most of the agreement had be helped by the 2404 incident when a plague which ravaged the Breen home world and out lying colonies had causes them to enter into Federation space to attempt to acquire the cure. Although several did incidents occur they finally did accept Federation assistance. Since then Breen and Federation relations had not always been cordial and some time out right hostile but it looked like things were going to change hopefully for the better.

Fleet Update


Status Report


Ship's History

The BCSS Kodess is a battleship which can be used for deep penetration tactical missions as well as other mission which fall with in the Medical Support Squadron remit. The Kodess is sometimes accompanied by her sister ship the BCSS Strotess. As with other Gor Taan-class battlecruisers she is fitted with a cloaking device which gives her a grater tactical advantage. She is currently under the command of Commanding Officer Pred Gal who has been in command of her for the last six years.

Current Configuration

BCSS Kodess Designated Battlecrusier

BCSS Kodess Technical Specs

Medical Support Squadron

Commanding Officer of the Medical Support Squadron of the 6th Tactical Fleet

Ships of the Medical Support Squadron of the 6th Tactical Fleet

  • Medical Support Squadron (6 Vessels)
  • Hazardus Support Flotilla is led by the BCSS Kodess,
    • BCSS Kodess, Gor Taan-Class Battlecrusier
    • BCSS Ventnal, Gor Taan-Class Battlecrusier
    • BCSS Parperas, Gor Taan-Class Battlecrusier
    • BCSS Quitanly, Gor Taan-Class Battlecrusier
    • BCSS Zeazends, Gor Taan-Class Battlecrusier
    • BCSS Kassavas, Gor Taan-Class Battlecrusier

Vessels Lost, Decommissioned