Ben Soma

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Lieutenant Ben Soma
Ben Soma
Name: Ben Soma
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Earth
Species: Human
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Height: 5.9 Ft
Weight: 160 lbs.
Blood Color: Red
Skin Color: White
Current rank: Lieutenant Commander
Current Position: First Officer
Assignment: USS Rosenante
The USS Rosenante
Status: Active

Physical Description:[edit]

Short hair, clean shaven except for a goatee. Lean physique. Small scar below the right eye. Has a tattoo on his left rear shoulder of a dragon.


Parents were involved in trading, Father was a freighter Captain, Mother was a medic. They owned a small freighter, and ferried various supplies. Only child, he jumped around from base to base, ship to ship after parents were killed in a conflict involving the Borg. He decided to stay on Starbase 85 to try and find some direction to life. It was on Starbase 85 that he saw Starfleet as the career he was most interested in.


Starfleet Academy


Picked up what I could learn from the ships and bases i was on. Most recently spent a couple years on Starbase 85, helping as a volunteer with various non military exercises. Later helped as a shuttle pilot carrying passengers and supplies throughout the sector under guidance of Starfleet personnel. After a few months he gained sponsorship and enrolled in Starfleet academy.


After graduating from Starfleet Academy Ben was assigned to the USS Dennison with the rank of Ensign junior grade as an assistant tactical chief. During his first mission the Dennison was pulled into unknown space through a spatial rift. There it encountered a Maltorian craft which severely damaged the ship, it was able to return home despite losing the saucer section. The crew was reassigned to the USS Mithrandir and Ben was promoted to Ensign senior grade. Later he was promoted to Lieutenant junior grade before being abducted from the Magee by an unknown party. They intended to use him in an experiment to return themselves to normal space but he escaped, using his martial arts training he was able to avoid recapture for a while until he was eventually shot. The crew of the Mithrandir were able to find and rescue him but he was in a coma for several months after wards. When he regained consciousness he decided to take some time for himself, leaving the Mithrandir in a shuttle he set out and was once again taken prisoner. The crew of the USS Rosenante rescued him along with the crew of the USS Bohrs and he was reassigned to the Rosenante as CTAC. During his assignment on the Rosenante he encountered the Borg, they were intent on enslaving the human race and took control of the T'kon sphere. The T'kon sphere was capable of traveling through time so the Borg took it back to Earth where the dominant species was still the dinosaurs. The combined task force of the Rosenante and the USS Boudicca followed them back and destroyed the sphere, during that mission Ben was able to liberate his parents from the collective. He was promoted to Lieutenant senior grade after that mission and currently serves as it's Chief Tactical Officer.


No abnormalities, no major diseases. Had a broken arm when he was a child, he accidentally fell from a tree in a holosuite.


Relax in a good holo novel, practise sword handling. Train in martial arts.


Aptitude for piloting and tactical systems.


Has an interest in martial arts. Visited Japanese dojo's to study the masters. The only personal effect he has left of his parents is a Katana that his father owned and left with him for safe keeping.

Medals and Commendations:[edit]


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