Beta Seranis III

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A Class M planet in the Beta sector explored by the USS Hades in 2407.



Beta Seranis III was colonized in 2318 by a warlike race known as the Myenru. The Myenru were unaware the planet was already inhabited by a member of an extra dimensional race known as the Hyrangu. The Hyrangan representative was manning the Gateway, an inter dimensional anchor point for the race's intergalactic hyper-jump technology. The housing for the Gateway and the living quarters for the representative known as Megselif is 5 kilometers below the surface of the planet. The planetary system resides at the outer edge of the influence of the Myenru Empire. The Hyrangu representative was unperturbed by the presence of the Myenru as their technology was insufficient to penetrate his screens and discover his hiding place so he was content to carry out his duties unobtrusively. The trouble for the Myenru colony came in the form of the Jobar in 2407, the Jobar reside within the same space/time continuum as the Hyrangu. A ship was sent through the continuums to attack Beta Seranis III in an attempt to wrest control of the gateway, Megselif fought off the interlopers with little damage to his facility, the Myenru colony however was nearly wiped from the surface. Thinking themselves about to be conquered which is abhorrent to the Myenru they used a self destruct mechanism in the form of their version of the genesis device. The surface of the planet was changed and no evidence of the colony remained, a Myenru ship in orbit at the time however was heavily damaged and crashed after the genesis effect had subsided, this derelict was found and explored by an away team from the Hades. One of the officers on the Hades involved in one of the away teams was Maraht the Horta, the presence of the silicon based life form fascinated Megselif who transported him to the enormous cavern which is his home base. After talking with Maraht through electro-magnetic frequencies and satisfied his scans and information was complete he released the Horta to a rescue team. A Myenru war fleet arrived at the planet during its exploration, sent there to determine the reason for its silence and a battle ensued between the war fleet and the Hades, this was the initial mission of the ship and its greatest battle to date.

Megselif still resides on the planet tending the gateway.