Catriona Macbeth

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Name: Catriona Macbeth
Rank: Ensjgsci.jpg Ensign(jg)
Awards: None
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Age: 35
Position: Science Officer
Ship: USS Spectre
Status: PC

Physical Description[edit]

Pleasant face, rather long nose and broad, generous mouth - both slightly on the large side for her face. Her eyes almost always have an amused look to them, and she is more often than not found with a cheerful expression. Her hair is long and very curly, on duty pinned back ruthlessly but not always entirely successfully. Tendrils of hair tend to escape confinement with distressing ease and it is hard for Catriona to keep it under control for any length of time. Off-duty her hair is generally worn loose unless she is in the gym or indulging in any other activity where a riot of long curls would be a nuisance. Catriona is of medium height and slight to medium build.

Family and Background[edit]

Born to a Starfleet family, Catriona grew up on the various vessels which her parents served on. Both her parents were serving officers and it was almost inevitable that Catriona would choose to follow in their footsteps, although at first she chose to follow an academic career. She has one brother who also chose to enter Starfleet.


Cheerful and optimistic, with a sharp sense of humour. Often teases her friends and colleagues but never maliciously.


Starship schooled until her early teens when she was sent back to Earth with her father to complete her education.

Completed her matriculation at Lochdubh senior school, followed by three years at the University of Warwick gaining a BSc in Linguistics. Masters and PhD at Cambridge.

Pre-Starfleet History[edit]


Starfleet History[edit]


Current Assignment[edit]

Science Officer (Linguistics) USS Spectre

Medical History[edit]






General Notes[edit]




Catriona Macbeth is played by Liz Geuken.