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(1:28 EST, Feb. 21)Just to explain why I reverted the changes back to the original for line 27. The Link is supposed to be a correctly formated link except for the lower case 's's in the USS, to show that the wiki links are case sensitive. Someone had changed the formating so the case was correct but there were paraenthsis instead of square brackets -Patrick

Ok Now I am begging for help. How do I upload pictures into the wiki articles? Even though I have an account within Star Trek Freedom, it doesn't allow me to put in pictures. I keep looking for a Browse button and there ain't one! -herbalsheila

  • Shelia, here is a link to the page to upload pictures. However, if you look at my picture below, the red circle outlinks the link on the sidebar so you can go there without having to come back here to get the link.

Hope that helps. ;)

From, Your Friendly Neighborhood Schrammalamadingdong.

Bless you Kevin that helps so much! Aha, I see now how to get to the browse button. You are so cool and thanks! I know you must think me terribly stupid. herbalsheila